Guide & Porter Hiring Service in Nepal


As we are a Nepal Base trekking tour agency, we have a fluent English-speaking experience Guide, most are from the local area. To be a Trekking Guide, they need to participate in a monthly Trekking Guide training arranged by the Nepal Government. 

A good guide can greatly enrich your trekking experience. Except for leading your trip, he/she will explain about the area, place, mountains, temples, culture, geography, wildlife, and vegetation. The guide will teach you the Nepali language; introduce you to locals, share culture and festivals, and run ahead to make re-conform accommodations during peak season. He can be a good assistant in your helpless condition and a security person who let you know about the following circumstances, look after logistics like registering your details in every check post, organizing your transport whether go by bus or plane, liaising and directing the porter, etc. A guide is only able to get a license through a month-long intensive training from TAAN and the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHAM) twice a year. During the training period, the guide is instructed in a variety of subjects including first aid, altitude sickness, and other important issues. They study Culture, History, sociology, anthropology, tourism, hospitability, Language, hiking, practicality with rock climbing, environmental protection, etc. In addition, the guide must have a certain level of English fluency determined in an interview. It means they are experienced in any trekking area in Nepal.

We offer you a porter guide (a License holder Guide who will help to carry your 8 to 12-kg bags), which might be ideal if you are trekking alone or you are planning to do the trek with a limited budget. This kind of porter who has been on several treks, speaks some English and aspires to graduate to the guide status. Nepal Mother House Treks has many guides, porters, and guide-porters who are always happy to assist you according to your requirements.


Of course, if you can carry all your bags why do you spend money on the porter? But you will find your trip a huge difference using porters and not.  Sometimes while you carrying your bags on your own, you may miss some exclusive sights or cannot fully enjoy such beautiful nature. So, we would suggest, if your budget will ably support it, then it will be better to hire a list of porters to fulfill your dream in reality.  You have a great contribution to providing jobs for a jobless porter doing nothing.  This will support his family and his school children for a bright future indirectly.

Tourism is the second biggest industry in Nepal; hundreds of thousands of families in Nepal depend upon tourism as their main source of income. A porter is hired not just to carry your bags - he will appear as an assistant during your helpless condition. It would be better to give him a reasonable load (usually a fully packed rucksack). If you are with friends, try to group your things together in one big backpack and give that to a porter. And then each of you carries a smaller daypack with your important belongings. Normally, a Porter doesn't speak English but will follow a trail and not get lost.

Normally one porter is provided for two trekkers' bags of about 20-25 kg during the teahouse trip. They carry the load on their head by stripping in their traditional manner, often rucksacks or duffel bags are easier for them to carry. We will provide an assistant guide and a cook too in a bigger group to look after the food and lodging. In a fully supported camping trek/organized trek there will be a larger number of kitchen staff, porters, and cooks. When available we use ponies, mules, or yaks to carry the luggage.

Basically, the cost of the Guide and porter depends on the season and trekking region, the length of the trek, and the size of the group. Please for more details contact us for the hiring process and cost details.  As optional services, we provide just hiring a Guide and porter service and, Trekking permits the rest of the arrangements you can do yourself also. At this form, the transportation charge for the guide and porters will have to be paid by the clients.

Note: Service charge and VAT are subject to the cost. ++