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As a country known for its pure nature, snow capped mountains, and the Buddha’s birthplace, Nepal is a land where one can refresh his/her mind and heart by being very close to its remarkable natural beauty and glimpsing the old tradition of the Nepalese.

In order to taste this unique diversity, if our web itinerary is not perfect for you, Nepal Mother House Treks never forces you to follow our set itineraries. Our team has been devoted to tailor services in accordance to our clients’ own choices, interests, and requirements. You can prepare and buy your own unique tailor-made tours which are ensured to make your vacations worthwhile. Travel Choice Holiday trip are focused on your interests, whether you wish to spend those special moments with your partner at one of the fabulous resorts, lush biodiversity forests, or use those moments to see the snow draped mountains.

Our clients’ each and every requirement will be fulfilled with great care and warm hospitality by our team. It will be a great pleasure to provide for you all the relevant information that you may require. You just tell us about your preferences, interests, and the amount of available time and we will take care of the rest. Nepal Mother House Treks will help design a tour and work out a comfortable itinerary that best suits your needs and desires.
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