Responsible Travel Policy

At Nepal Mother House Treks we have always recognized that we are responsible for the way we affect the local community and environment in the areas we operate in. All our adventure activities focus on sustainable eco-tourism which helps to preserve nature's beauty and cultural heritage for the next generation. Whatever we have been doing, here can always be improved upon, so we always welcome your feedback regarding responsible travel after every trek.

Socials Norms and Values

Every country has different norms and values. People have their own lifestyles according to their culture and custom. Nepal Mother House Treks arranges all adventure activities by local values and norms. We must therefore respect local cultures and customs and leave them in their world without any interruption.

Good Friendship

When you are traveling, you have a great chance to make friends from different parts of the world. The Nepalese are very friendly and always seeking to make new friends. We Nepalese are helpful, and goodhearted, and try to fulfill their curiosities of different countries, cultures, and customs and sometimes try to imitate Western lifestyles. While you chat with local people you have a great opportunity to learn about people’s daily lives, culture, and other daily activities. You’ll find that Nepalese like to interact with travelers with the saying: “Come as a guest, Go as a friend!”

Privacy Policy

Nepal Mother House Treks uses your personal email and details only for processing your inquiries and operating trekking. Please feel confident do not share your personal details with anyone nor use them for any other purposes.


When you are trekking in Nepal, please do not give either money or other things to the local kids directly. It only gives them the idea that they do not need to go to school. Furthermore, it helps to promote the begging culture. If would you like to donate some goods to the local community, go through the local projects or through our company Nepal Mother House Treks which is involved in several NGOs. If you buy handicrafts or other available local products, it would be a great support for the local economy. During the trek, while you are visiting a monastery or temple, the is usually a donation box near the entrance. This will go directly towards taking care of the building and resident monastics.

Collaborate With Us

Nepal Mother House Treks & Expedition is an adventure travel company based in Nepal. We believe that working together makes it easier to strengthen our company, offer reliable services for our clients, and let leaders gain valuable experience. Travelers who are looking for a reliable travel agent to assist your group while traveling to Bhutan, Tibet, and India, will find the best possible price and quality services with us. In addition, we would be pleased to know about any other tour programs you would like to promote or sell through our agency in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, or India. 

Nepal Mother House Treks ensures that every group leader, tour operator, and traveler agent is based and operates in Nepal in order to offer reliable and comfortable adventure packages. Therefore always choose legal trekking travel agents for a safe adventure.

Charity Programs

In Nepal, there are not enough sufficient natural resources even when considering skilled manpower, the diversity of geographical distribution, and untouched development access. Sometimes lack of education and cultural or religious value become an obstacle to development. That’s why Nepal always lags behind the development known to those from developed countries. Daily livelihood can be miserable for the remote village people - no school for education, no hospital for treatment, nor access to basic infrastructure such as roads, drinking water, communication, etc. Our company arranges charity programs for the elderly, disabled, students, and orphans, especially in rural areas. We request all of our valued clients from different nationalities to support the poor people who are in truly miserable conditions and deprived of basic human rights. To help school children attain success and a bright future, elderly security in their late life, and street children to uplift their lives, we welcome your generosity.

Your small contribution will help secure their bright future, Also, if some of your friends are interested in social work, we always appreciated a hand!