While you are trekking in Nepal, the accommodation is very basic with limited options, so please do not expect the Ritz like your home town. We use simple family-run lodges, tea house or Home stay with a large sociable central dining room and a cozy wood-burning fire. We will provide you private room where is possible on a twin bed share basis with a shared bathroom and we advise you to use your own sleeping bag rather than renting. There won't always have access to a hot shower. Lodges often charge extra cost (200 -2000 Rs) depending upon the altitude and place, for a bucket of hot water, which can then be mixed with the cold water to wash you with.

It is important to understand that, when you are trekking you will be away from your comfort home and civilization. As you know trekking is adventure travel in remote areas! Despite the lack of facilities, these lodges certainly have peace of heaven. Most are blessed with spectacular views, a good harmonious family environment, great hospitality, and insight into the daily life of the Himalayan people.