Best Season

Autumn and spring two main seasons are a good time for travel in Bhutan. Autumn (September, October, November) is one of the best seasons to travel in Bhutan. The weather is very nice, it is neither hot nor cold. Monsoon will be over and everywhere can see green with some flowers. The visibility is very good with clear sky, fresh air and sunny. During this time you have more chances to observe fast and festivals also. As this is one of the ideal times to visit Bhutan, most of the travelers have planned to visit. Who wishes to avoid the crowded batter to travel in winter and summer but you need to bear about the natural rule.  The summer is wet and winter is cold, this won’t be favorable for everybody. The second good season is spring (March, April, May). It will be a dry climate but a pleasant view and in late spring the rhododendrons and magnolia bloom in the jungle colorfully. There are some festival springs also.