Trip Preparation

For most treks, you do not need to be a super athlete or a mountaineer. However, a few weeks of training or some hiking before arriving in Nepal will be sufficient preparation. It won’t be terribly enjoyable if you have to spend the trip of a lifetime struggling to walk the trails every day when a little sensible preparation before you arrive would have made the trails so much more rewarding.

It is important to be in good shape and mentally prepared before you start your trek. Try to spend an hour a day hiking. Walk upstairs rather than take the lift. If possible walk or cycle when you would normally drive or ride a bus. Running a few miles every day is probably the best single physical activity to prepare for your trek. During this training period, you may also be breaking in those new trekking boots which would otherwise give you blisters on the first day on the trail.

It wouldn’t hurt to try to find out as much as possible about Nepal’s customs, especially about the particular trek that you have planned before arriving. With this sort of background knowledge, you will be able to get much more out of your visit. As always, we are always happy to give you information with updated facts.