Eco-Friendly Travel Agency

Nepal is the perfect answer for all travelers and mountain lovers. The overwhelming Himalayan panoramas, cultural richness, different ethnic groups, and the unique hospitability of locals are the main attraction for tourists in Nepal. Nepal is charming as it is unspoiled by modernity - thriving in its natural splendor.

Known as the Kingdom of Himalayas, Nepal is blessed with natural and cultural prosperity in abundance. This gives visitors the unlimited opportunity to observe countless snow-capped mountains, various topography, a plethora of flora and fauna, rare species of animals, plants, etc. Meanwhile, the rapid population growth and deforestation have been a threat to the environment of Nepal in recent times. This problem is quite frightening and an urgent issue for future generations. Accordingly, we are dedicated to preserving nature for its sustainable development and cooperating with NGOs and INGOs. We have been conducting different programs to conserve the natural environment and ecosystem. This is an approach to promote the relationship between humans and their environment which doesn’t disconnect people from nature. The Nepal Mother House team member is guided by the fact that we must respect nature for our own survival. It has been a matter of pride for us that Nepal is a country of pure nature and with some colorful festivals to enjoy and its sophisticated culture absolutely points out our true identity. Spreading consciousness and having a sense of responsibility towards nature, we do our activities in our entire destination. Our company is very much conscious of your safe trip and environmentally – friendly different adventure activities. We always lay emphasis on the following activities:

  • Take only photos; leave only footprints as you embark on a journey.
  • Use kerosene for cooking purposes.
  • Leave campsite clean.
  • Don’t fire on the open place.
  • Don’t pollute water sources.
  • Protect natural aspects.
  • Respect local culture
  • Seek permission before entering any temple or house.
  • Don’t take photographs without granting permission.
  • Dress appropriately while traveling.

Your valuable support will be the way for the principal to comprehend our attempt!

Nepal Mother House Treks & Expedition arrange all our activities under the rule to preserve our nature and environment. All our staffs are conscious of environmental issues and will do their best to reduce any damage to the environment in our operating area.