About Us

Nepal Mother House Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. is a specialized Trekking Tour company based in Nepal. We organize treks, tours, travel, as well as day hikes with professional and experienced local guides and porters in a socio-economically sustainable way and arrange the required permits, paperwork, transportation, insurance, evacuation of all staff, and quality equipment.

Due to her natural beauty, cultural diversity, and variety of fascinating flora and fauna, the tiny country of Nepal is often known as a “piece of paradise”. Among several similar trekking agencies in Nepal, we are a unique agency in our approach and our way of meeting valuable client requirements and time schedules. Our young and enthusiastic crew has been working for years in this beautiful land of the Himalayas for a long time and has gathered a lot of experience.  We offer complete adventure services including trekking, tours, peak climbing, and expeditions in Nepal. We offer additional services such as white water rafting, jungle safaris, hotel booking, paragliding, sightseeing, honeymoon tours, and all other activities as well as trips from Nepal to Tibet, Bhutan, and India.

As the agency's name slowly becomes better known, we at “Nepal Mother House Treks” will always stand for professional and quality services at a reasonable price. We will give you access to the roof of the world - Mt. Everest at 8,848.86m, sacred power spots, world heritage sites, glimpses into the native culture, and indigenous livelihoods, all of which have been continuing like this for centuries. In addition, all staff members are friendly, helpful, and honest, and offer their services with a sense of humor and responsibility. We take a firm stand against the exploitation of porters, Sherpas, cooks, and guides.

Our company recognizes them as pillars - we respect one another, provide them with insurance and equipment, guarantee work for them, and pay them well enough. As a reputable trekking agency in Nepal, our agency recognizes that we directly contribute to the local economy using local Manpower and resources while conducting trekking, tours, and expeditions in Nepal. We arrange popular Tea House Trekking and Camping Trekking in various regions of Nepal, offering a greater level of comfort, hygienic food, and accommodation by professional staff.

Government Authorize Trekking Agency Affiliated with Various Organizations 

Nepal Mother House Trekking has grown up learning mistakes and comments from our valuable clients. That’s why we are one of the better Trekking agencies out there. As members of TAAN (Trekking Agents Association of Nepal), NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association), KEEP (Kathmandu Environment Education Project), and NTB (Nepal Tourism Board) and government authority documents of the Company, we are recognized as one of the foremost agencies with the destinations of the tourism sector. Our motto is to meet the needs and ensure the safety of our clients. We try to introduce Nepal to the world without negatively impacting the precious ecology of our beloved country. We offer nothing but the best services competitively and reasonably. We are always looking forward to welcoming you to the land of the Himalayas. Our team members are well experienced and trained by government sectors and other private sectors to specialize in the trekking industry. Therefore they know about different activities in Nepal and the geography, culture, history, religion, and biodiversity of Nepal. The proverb of Nepal is: “ATITHI DEBO BHABA” (meaning “A guest is God”) and, in the same way, we aim to provide high-quality services at affordable prices to our honored guests.

Nepal's natural and charming country can offer you unbounded opportunities to travel around and collect a range of experiences. As money alone doesn't buy good service, respect and trust are also valuable things to work towards. We believe that beautiful surroundings alone do not make an unforgettable holiday. Thorough knowledge of the terrain and carefully planned arrangements for your safety and comfort are equally important. Therefore we request you just visit us once and reap the benefits of all the hard work we have put in over the years.

Why Select the Name: “Nepal Mother House Trek” – for your Agency?

"Nepal Mother House Treks" as it may pertain to a specific agency or business. However, the choice of a name for a business, especially in the travel and tourism industry, often reflects the values, identity, or cultural significance associated with the region or services provided.
The name "Nepal Mother House Treks" suggests a company that provides trekking and adventure services in Nepal. The choice of the name can be interpreted in several ways:

Nepal Significance: The inclusion of "Nepal" in the name emphasizes the geographical location and focus of the company, indicating that it specializes in providing trekking experiences within the country. However, we are operating some outbound trips to Bhutan and Tibet also. 

Mother House: The term "Mother House" could carry different meanings. It might suggest a central hub for trekking adventures, symbolizing a reliable and foundational place from which journeys begin. Additionally, the term "Mother" can connote nurturing and care, possibly implying a commitment to providing a supportive and comforting environment for travelers.

Treks: The inclusion of "Treks" in the name clarifies the primary nature of the services offered – trekking adventures. This could encompass a range of trekking experiences, from short and easy treks to more challenging and extended expeditions.

In summary, "Nepal Mother House Treks" seems to convey a sense of a reliable and nurturing base for trekking adventures in Nepal. The name reflects a commitment to providing a diverse range of trekking experiences while emphasizing the cultural and geographical context of Nepal. For specific details, you may go through the company for insights services.

Do you exist also in reality, where is Nepal Mother House Treks are located in KTM – Thamel?

Yes! Nepal Mother House Treks is located in the tourist hub at Thamel, near Chhaya Center and Hotel Aloft, about 100 meters west direction on the way to Thamel Bhagwati Temple. And nearby Historical yellow pagoda-style temple or Buddhist monasteryBHAGWAN BAHAL was established in 1041 AD by a monk travelling from north India to Tibet. The Bikramashila Mahabihar known as BHAGWAN BAHAL Temple, where Guru Rinpoche known as Guru Padmasambhava stayed overnight while traveling Tibet in the 8th century. This monastery is most significant due to the most prized possession held - an 800-year-old, 2000-page copy of the Pragyaparamita Sutra means "the Perfection of Wisdom" or "Transcendental Knowledge". This manuscript contains the Buddha's teachings, written in gold ink. Still, you can see this holy book on this day also on your request. 

Nepal Mother House Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.
Address: House No- 125, Bhagwan Bahal, Thamel, Post Box No: 24741, Kathmandu 44061, 
Contact: +977 9818384038
Cell: +977 9841368753 (Karna) @WhatsApp | Viber |Massager 
Email:  [email protected],  [email protected] 

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What is your name, and who is in charge of this Agency?

Nepal Mother House Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. founder is Karna Rana (Full Name: Karna Bahadur Rana) is dedicated to serving every visitor from different parts of the world he excels in almost all the major and minor trekking regions of beautiful Nepal. He belongs to the beautiful village of Gorkha which falls inside the Manaslu trekking region. With more than two decades of experience in various trekking regions since 2000 AD, Karna has excelled in all the highs and lows of the hills and magnificent Mountains of Nepal.

Trekking and Tour Experience and Qualification 

With a proficiency in languages like English, Japanese, and Hindi accept his mother tongue Nepali, this fully dedicated and efficient service provider believes in giving satisfaction and comfort holiday experience to the clients joining his disciplined Company whose motto is to serve the best out of the best. This young man has uplifted himself and a decade of experience has earned several clients' hearts. A master's degree in Rural Development (RD) from Tribhuwan University has helped him to go further into implementing it with knowing the various needs and importance of the rural areas. The trekking services he provides to the client purposed not only to give valued journey to the visitors but at the same time to support in context with various aspects of rural areas. 

Trekking and Tour Services Qualified Trekking Guides and Experience Porters 

The company provides several services regarding trekking and tour services with several qualified and professional guides and porters who are excellent in giving the best services to their abilities. All the staff from the corresponding manager, and accountant to other various helpers, everyone are well-trained certified staff from government and other sectors with honed in their respective fields. This agency provides services for any age people according to their desires and requirements as well as customizes Itineraries per requirements. This organization is also dedicated to professional and quality service considering socioeconomic way by using local products and manpower to support the locals.

We are delighted to hear from you and honored to design an itinerary for your experience in Nepal and the Himalayas.