Nepal Trekking

A perfect beauty of nature and the geographical highs and lows are awaiting all the trekking lovers to come and explore…………………………

Nepal Trekking is a wonderful opportunity for any nature lover to go through. This beautiful country of Nepal has in store many different altitudinal landscapes, hills, and mountains to explore through. Coming to this place and trekking through the enchanting areas is something one should do once in a lifetime to get never-ending joyful memories.  Nepal Trek is one of the excellent ways to experience the inside out of the different areas located in different geographical locations. Every trekking lover knows that the best trekking destinations in the world fall in this naturally blessed country.  Many trekkers from different parts of the world visit this country every year round for a unique and magnificent experience. The tourism industry in Nepal focuses on trekking and touring as crucial parts of the flourishing of the importance and beauty of the country. This helps every tourist to do their desired activity with less effort as the tour and travel company are established with an aim to serve all the visitors by making them comfortable and happy till they spend their holidays within.

There are different styles of trekking arranged by the local companies around i.e. Teahouse trekking and camping trek. The teahouse trek is relatively a cheap way of trekking where meals and accommodation are provided in a teahouse. This is also the most popular way of Trekking in Nepal and also is named the lodge trek. This trekking style gives trekkers an opportunity to interact with the local people around and connect to the local culture and tradition. As we can find many teahouses and hotels, the menu and the other facilities and services within them might vary from each other. On the other hand, the Camping trek is also known as the classic style of trekking and can be conducted almost everywhere in the country. This trekking is a fully organized one as it is all supported by a team of guides, cooks, Sherpas, and porters to make your journey comfortably amazing and happy.  One can opt for these trekking styles according to the time, Interest, and budget. During the trekking and before the start of it one should know what to prepare for the journey. Nepal Treks is full of different geographical infrastructure that has enough capacity to give various experiences to everyone.

If you are a beginner at Trekking in Nepal Himalaya, you need to be well prepared such; your physical fitness, proper information about the trekking destination, the best time to visit, Trekking Itinerary, routes, Trekking permit fees, tea house accommodation, map, buy insurance, choosing best Trekking Agency, find out our review on Trip adviser and compare the services and cost with many companies, who provide best deals with competitive services, either in a group or join as a solo Trekkers. As Nepal Mother House is a local trekking company based in Kathmandu, we are always concerned to provide ultimate satisfaction to our precious Guests through local expert Sherpa guides and Porters applying our feedback and suggestion from previous clients. Be sure to pick the right trekking agency for your lifetime experience in the Himalayas. Whether it’s the Adventure trekking in Nepal or trekking in Nepal Himalayas, every

journey is filled with the rich color of nature and the beauty residing to make one’s sense rejuvenated and revitalized. We are a leading Nepal trekking agency where you can find any kind of trek and tour services and facilities to enjoy for. For any kind of information regarding Nepal trekking best seasons or Nepal trekking services like Nepal Trekking tour or Nepal hike, we are there to serve you in every step. Our company has the best Nepal trekking guide to guide you throughout the journey who will serve with all the information and care to make you updated and at ease at the same time. Let us serve you with the best services you deserve.