Guide Porter Service Nepal

Guide Porter Service Nepal is something one has to choose a quality one in quantity. A number of guides and porters are there in Nepal as the tour and trekking agencies are also erupting according to a certain duration of time. There are numerous numbers of things that one should check before choosing the best guide and porters for you as you can get the one appointed or recommended when joining your respective trekking and tour agency. Recently, the government has declared that "no longer trek without a Guide in Nepal after 1st-April-2023", The new provision will create more employment for the workers in the tourism sector of Nepal and demoralize certified trekking operations in the country.

According to the trekking durations and the activities form, the cost charge also differs when hiring porters and guides. The porters are carrying your heavy luggage and valuable goods without saying tired the whole day throughout the journey. The described guides are all qualified and experienced with their numerous trekking journeys throughout half of their life. Many guides have dedicated their life guiding tourists and visitors from in and out of the country.

As we are a locally based trekking and tour agency in Nepal, we at Nepal Mother House are always concerned with sustainability in tourism while conducting every activity. We give priority to the local Guides and porters for trekking and tours, this will help to generate income for the local people and empowerment. All our Guides, Leaders, and staff have taken essential training from the Nepal Government, which has been given below.

  • Eco-Tourism Leadership Training
  • Intensive Wilderness First Aid Training
  • Hospitality in Tourism Management
  • Effective Speaking and Dealing in English and Major Languages.
  • Trekking, Tour, Birds Watching Guide Training
  • Conservation & Biodiversity
  • Safety and Security training
  • Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, and Mountaineering (for expedition leaders)


Teamwork is most important while on the trek. If any of the members become sick or have any problem, the entire team might be paralyzed to get to the destination. So, we at Nepal Mother House always carefully organize every trek selecting capable Guides and porters. Sometimes we witness the incident, whatever we have heard the stories of porters left in such freezing outside tents or tea houses while trekkers revel indoors. We take care of our guides and porters fairly and equally as they are two sides of the same coin. Nepal Mother House appreciates our guides and porters diligently; the trip is not possible without them. Our Guide and Porter are well equipped for the Himalayan high pass and provide them with insurance for medication and emergency rescue.

A Guide is only eligible for the trekking job, after involving a month-long training conducted by the Government of Nepal. The Guide training organizes by the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), and the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM) each year. During the training period, they study various subjects including first aid, high altitude sickness, rock climbing, and other subjects (history, geography, culture, environment, anthropology, tourism, hospitality, eldership, etc.) theory and practical. The Guide must have a certain level of English fluency determined in an interview and at least two years of working experience as an assistant in the trekking. Our guides are familiar with all the trekking destinations and trails of Nepal;/they can speak fluent English and other languages, cope with any circumstances occurring in the trek, and know the destination trekking trails. The Guide will assist you to get rooms during a lodge/tea house basis trek and they will set tents for the accommodation and meals while on organized camping trekking. Similarly, the Guide will check in and check out the trekking permits at the police checkpoints inform you latest trekking trail updates, and consult with locals.

Guide and Porters are the essential part of your journey without them, one can’t even imagine carrying out the trekking ahead. The essential part of the journey, on the one hand, we can say the real heroes behind the scenes who make the holiday of many different visitors a worthwhile memory full and exclusive. They are friendly and helpful with a ready-to-serve kind of attitude all the time. Come and join us, as we at Nepal Mother House have qualified guides and porters hired up keeping your comfort and satisfaction in mind as first priority. Welcome to all the visitors from around the world to this beautiful country of Nepal, explore the divine nature and its beauty to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Rejuvenate you're tired-up soul with the help of this honest and dedicated friend of yours who will introduce you to nature's paradise with all its fascinating mysteries and history.

We are a team of professional trekking guides and porters, who have been working tourism sector for two decades. We at Nepal Mother House Treks provide you with any kind of service such as hiring only a Guide or a porter and Porter-Guide for any trekking destination. If you are a solo female traveler and looking for a female Guide, we are glad to organize a female trekking Guide as well either from Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lukla, or any other area. The cost of hiring a Guide /Guide cum Porter/Porters will be less, hiring them at respective areas; Khopra Danda Trek, Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek, Makalu Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek Via Poon Hill, Short Nar Phu Valley Trek, Langtang Valley Trek, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Tsum Valley, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Tilicho Lake Trek, Upper Mustang Trek, Gokyo Lake Trek, Narphu Valley Trek, Mohare Danda Community Base Trek, Tamang Heritage Trail Homestay Trek, etc. If you are looking for an Everest Base Camp Trek to see the top of the world for your lifetime experience, then Guide and Porter can be Hired from Lukla. It helps to save your amount of money and support local Porter and Guide to generate income and indirect for their school children. You can find a review of Guide and Porter on the trusted website Trip Advisor Review too.

Here are some questions and answers about Nepal Trek Guide Service, which have been asked frequently by trekkers.

10 Most Popular Treks in Nepal

  1. Everest Base Camp Trek -12 Days
  2. Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek - 16 Days
  3. Annapurna Base Camp Trek Via Poon Hill -12 Days
  4. Everest Base Camp Trek and Fly Back Helicopter -9 Days
  5. Langtang Valley Trek -11 Days
  6. Everest 3 Passes Trek -21 Days
  7. Short Manaslu Circuit Trek 11 Days
  8. Everest Base Camp Trek -8 Days
  9. Mohare Danda Trek -5 Days
  10. Gokyo Chola Pass Trek -19 Days

We are glad to organize only a Guide, a Porter, and Guide cum Porter serve according to your requirements even if you are not signed in to the entire package program.

Hiring a Guide and Porter Cost in Nepal

Here is the cost of hiring professional a guide, Guide cum Porter and experienced Porter in Nepal with Different Trekking Regions.



Everest Region

Annapurna & Langtang Region

Manaslu Region

Remote and Off The Beaten Trail

Guide Hire Cost

USD 25 - 30

USD 25 - 30

USD 25 - 30

USD 35 - 40

Guide cum Porter Hire Cost

USD 25 - 30

USD 25 - 30

USD 25 - 30

USD 30 - 35

Porter Hire Cost

USD 20 - 25

USD 20 - 25

USD 20 - 25

USD 23 - 28

*Note: Everest 3 Passes Trek known as Remote and Off The Beaten Trail. You can easily book guides and porters with Mother House Online.

*Note: Guide and porter Insurance, Government VAT, Tax, and Office service charge is Subject to the cost.

[I] Hiring a Guide and Porters in the Everest Region

Mountain Trekking Guide Price: US$ 25 - 30 per day
Trekking Guide come to Porter Cost: US$ 25 - 30 per day
Trekking Porter Charge: US$ 20 -25 per day
Peak Climbing - Mountain Guide Cost: US$ 350 - 400 (Each Peak climbing bonus)

*Note: The cost of hiring a Porter from Lukla: is USD 20-25 per day (Including wages, food, and lodging) except Everest Three Passes Trek. However, 23 -28 USD Charge per day for the Everest 3 Passes Trek.

If you are looking to hire a Guide and Porter from Lukla, you will save some money not using a Lukla flight for a guide. Moreover, you will directly support local people to generate income using local guides and porters. Which will empower the local people for sustainable eco-tourism in Nepal.

[II] Hiring a Guide and Porters in the Annapurna Region

Mountain Trekking Guide Price: USD 25 - 30 per day
The guide comes to Porter Cost: USD 25 - 30 per day
Trekking Porter Charge: USD 20 - 25 per day
Peak Climbing - Mountain Guide: US$ 350 - 400 (Each Peak climbing bonus)

[III] Hiring a Guide and Porters in the Manaslu and Tsum Valley Region

Mountain Trekking Guide Price: US$ 25 - 30 per day
Trekking Guide come to Porter Charge: US$ 25 - 30 per day
Trekking Porter Cost: US$ 20 - 25 per day
Peak Climbing - Mountain Guide: US$ 350 - 400 (Each Peak climbing bonus)

[IV] Hiring a Guide and Porters in Langtang Region

Mountain Trekking Guide Cost: US$ 25 - 30 per day
Trekking Guide come to Porter Charge: US$ 25 - 30 per day
Trekking Porter Cost: US$ 20 - 25 per day
Peak Climbing - Mountain Guide: US$ 350 - 400 (Each Peak climbing bonus)

[V] Hiring a Guide and Porters in Kanchenjunga and Remote Region

Mountain Trekking Guide Cost: US$ 30 -35 per day
Trekking Guide come to Porter Price: US$ 25 - 30 per day
Trekking Porter Charge: US$ 23 to 25 per day
Peak Climbing - Mountain Guide: US$ 350 - 400 (Each Peak climbing bonus)

[VI] Hiring a Guide and Porters in Makalu Base Camp Trek

Mountain Trekking Guide Cost: USD 25 - 30 per day
Trekking Guide come to Porter Charge: USD 25 - 30 per day
Trekking Porter Price: USD 23 - 25 per day
Peak Climbing - Mountain Guide: USD 350 - 400 (Each Peak climbing bonus)

[VII] Hiring a Guide and Porters in Upper Mustang and Nar Phu

Mountain Trekking Guide Cost: USD 25 - 30 per day
Trekking Guide come to Porter Price: USD 25 - 30 per day
Trekking Porter Cost: USD 23 - 25 per day
Peak Climbing - Mountain Guide: US$ 350 - 400 (Each Peak climbing bonus)

The price will include: Guide/ Guide come porter/ Porter's salary, meals, accommodation, and his equipment.

*Note:  Plus, USD 35-55 per Guide and Porter's (one-TimeInsurance and Service charge (10%) and VAT (13%) are subject to the cost. ++ will be an additional cost.

**Note:Regarding the office service charge and VAT/TAX; Hence, if you are hiring only a Guide or porter for up to 10 Days of Trek then, it will be USD 100 per person for up to 2 trekkers in a group and 80-100 USD per person if the trekker's group size is more than 3 people at one time depending on the difficulty level of the trek and trek duration.

**Note: Except for Guide / Guide cum Porter /Porter expenses mention above, you need to take care; of your meals, hotel/teahouse accommodation, trekking gear, transportation for yourself and Guide, and Porters before trek and after, if necessary Domestic air ticket for yourself, Trekking permits; National park, and conservation area permit).

Frequently Asking Questions (FAQs)

Here are some FAQs about Guide and Porter Service in Nepal.

Q. Will we be able to meet you and our guide while we are in Kathmandu?

# Yes! You will meet the guide before starting the trip to Kathmandu. Normally, he/she will come to the airport to pick you up at the hotel if you need any assistance. But it depends on which trip you are going on, for the Everest Three Passes Trek and other Everest Trek, you will meet a guide at Lukla Airport only.

Q. We have a question to help us with our packing - with the porter; do we have to give him one bag? Or we can give him two smaller bags?

# Regarding the bag for porters; Porter will be happy to carry one big bag rather than two small bags. If you have got a rucksack, please bring with you a rucksack (50 to 70 liters). It is better to carry for a porter than a duffle bag. But if you don’t have a rucksack, no problem bringing whatever you have got. The duffle bag will be provided at your request by our company Nepal Mother House for the trek but needs to be returned after the trek. For the day bag; you need each of you a day bag (15 to 30 liters) to keep in your valuable things and a bottle of water.

Q. How much weight does 1 porter carry?

# Well, Normally the teahouse trekking porter carries an average of 20 to 25 kg if we follow rules and regulations. So, please try to make bags of 20 to 25 KG between all of you together. The porter will be happy if you can make less weight were as possible. If you need more porter then, I am happy to provide you.

Q. Insurance - Are your guides and porters insured? What happens if they have an accident/emergency during the trek?

# This is the most important question, as we are a local Trekking agency, all our Guides, Porter and staff have been insured for medication and evacuation. Nobody with this kind of situation, if case unexpectedly happens, in this case, we have an alternative option; make arrangements for other staff on the way, and continue to your destination. Or decide according to your view. Sometimes, if anyone becomes sick, the team might be paralyzed also, it depends on the trekking route and following days' weather circumstances. I mean, sometimes you might need to be given off the rest of the trip also. But we will do our best to make a successful trip.

Q. Clothing - Do your guides and porters have proper clothing for this trek? Or do we need to provide this?

# Our Guides and Porters are well equipped (boats, jackets, other things) for the trekking, probably not good equipotent as yours. It is not necessary to provide them, but if would you like to offer them, they will be pleased with you.

Q. Will the guide be from the local area and will they have trekked the route before?

# As we are a Nepal-based trekking agency, most of our Guides and porters are from the local area. To promote sustainable tourism, our aim is to empower the local community to involve them directly in tourism activities and give priority to consuming local products. So, I will provide you with a Guide from a Local who is native tough, and well-experienced.

Q. How much do the guide and porter expect for the tipping?

# Well, the Tips are not fixed, it depends on your satisfaction and according to the trekking area and days. How much you are impressed with Guide and Porter’s services can give accordingly. Normally, it says 10 % of the total payments to divide them. You can give them from your inner heart. But approximately 80-100 USD for a porter and 100-150 USD for a Guide for 14 days of Everest Base Camp Trek.

Q. Will our guide involve us when deciding on accommodation?

# Normally, if you hire a Guide, he takes care of you and gives information about the trek trekking route and surroundings as is his/her duty. Our Guide will do our best to make your trip enjoyable providing the best services were as possible. So, first, our Guide will show you the tea house as his duty. As he is familiar with the trip, he will try to provide you with the best accommodation and tea houses. Normally, the tea houses will be chosen by the Guide and us according to our previous client’s feedback. Our motto is to provide ultimate satisfaction to you through our services. If in case, you don’t like hotels/teahouses chosen by a guide, then you can change also. As you are in Nepal for the holiday, you can do whatever you like to do.

Q. What happens if our guide is injured or sick? Who will treat them?

# I wish, no one has not to face this kind of situation. If in case, in such emergency cases, Guide becomes sick or injured, at the time we will rescue him from that place for further treatment, cooperating with local people and your support. We provide insurance for the Guide and porter on every trip. In any case, it is important to remain calm and follow any procedures or protocols provided by the tour operator or local authorities. As we are a trekking company, this is our responsibility to take care of them for further recovery. However, as you are Guests and part of the family during the trip, have also equal responsibility to help him and his family.

Q. Guide- Your Company has a great reputation but just to be clear- will the guide be very experienced for the route & good English speaking?

# As we are a trekking tour agency based in Nepal, we always do our best to provide ultimate satisfaction to you through our services. So, all Guides are professional, good English speaking and well experienced in every trekking area, most of our Guides and staff are from the local area. To be a Guide, they need to participate in three months of Trekking Guide training conducted by the Nepal Government. They need to study and practice various subjects; Culture, History, sociology, anthropology, tourism, hospitality, Language, hiking, climbing, environment, etc. I mean they are experienced in any trekking area in Nepal.

Q. And another question. ..Does your guide carry oxygen on the trek in case someone needs it?

# We always organize every trip with sufficient acclimatization days before getting to the destination (Mt. Everest Base Camp). As a result, your body will already acclimatize. According to our Guest History, most of the trekkers had a successful trip without any obstacles. So, I hope all of you will get to your trip destination pleasantly. If in case you require oxygen, then we will manage it either by carrying it with us or sharing it from the teahouse. Most of the tea house has oxygen for an emergency. For this service charge is additional.

Q. I like being alone all day! Is it possible or not to have a guide but to go without him?

# Well, for the restricted area permits you need to list a professional Government Guide. If you are curious walk alone all day and meet him in the morning and night at the tea house; the guide is not only for showing you the trail and giving information on the trip, he is part of your friend, adviser, and watchdog (taking care) also. Most of the trekking is in the remote area heart of the Himalayas, it will be better to walk at the same time or make some distance if anything happens unexpectedly on the trip ( during difficult trail). But, as you are here for your holiday, you can do freely whatever you would like to do. We are here to give you a better option.

Q. Could one person be a guide and porter or it is impossible?

# Normally, it would be better to hire a guide and a porter for the trip. But if you need only a porter or Guide due to budget limitations and requirements, then we are glad to provide you with a professional Guide (Government license holder) who helps to carry your bags of 8 to 10 kg and guides your entire trip as Guide-Porter instead to a Guide and a Porter.

Q. Emergencies - What happens if we have an accident or have an emergency? We do have insurance. Will your office and guide help to organize evacuation or medical help? Do the guides have a mobile phone?

# Thank you very much for the question, This is an unexpected situation, I hope your entire trip will be enjoyable in the lap of the Himalayas. I hope you won’t be facing this kind of situation. If in case it happens, we will manage the situation according to the circumstances and cooperate with your insurance company and helicopter agency. For this, we need your insurance and evacuation Policy Number or paper. It will be processed as soon as possible. Anyway, we will be contacting our Guide times again on the trip.

Q. We were reading that most porters carry the bags of 2 people, not more than 30 kg total. Is this correct? If so can we put all our gear in one large backpack for the trek or do we need to have 2 separate smaller bags?

# You are right, on the camping organized trek porters carry such weight. But during the teahouse trip, each porter carries 20 to 25 kg. But it does not matter a bit less or more weight. So, it is a good idea to make one bag between the 2 of you. Porter will be happy, to carry one bag and then two.

Q. Will, you provide me personal Porter who will carry my rucksack and will always be with me?

# Well, it depends on the number of trekkers in a group, If there are more than 2 people, we provide you, with one porter, for every 2 trekkers carrying your bags. If you wish for a private porter, we are glad to provide it also but you need to pay an additional charge.

Q. Will the porter carry my bag? Or do I need to carry my stuff?

# Well, regarding the mode of carrying your bags and other stuff; normally our porters will carry 20 to 25 Kg during the tea house trek. We provide one porter between 2 Trekkers. Most of the gear will be carried by a porter except your valuable things carried by yourself as a day’s bag. But we will make a final decision using porters or Yaks safety concerning your bags.

Q. Does the porter have his pack so we can give him 1 stuff sack or small bag from every person?

# Thank you very much for your question; please try to make one bag if you can otherwise try to have fewer bags between all of you. Porter does not have any bags to carry your stuff. But if you need it, we will provide you duffle bag where your gear goes. So, try to bring yourself.

If you require any further information regarding the hiring Guide and Porter from Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chame-Manang, Jomsom-Mustang, Arughat, Sothikhola, Machhakhola at Gorkha, Lukla -Everest, Jiri, Salleri and Phaplu, Thamdanda, Dhunche, Syabrubesi, Taplejung, Suketar, Tumlingtar for Makalu Base Camp Trek, Dharapani, Besisahar, Nayapul, etc. during 2023 and 2024 (Spring & Autumn) for your Nepal Trek, feel free to write us any time. We at Nepal Mother House Trek are here to organize for you.