Peak Climbing Equipment List

Certain basic peak climbing equipment is essential for peak climbing. We always advise you to carry good climbing gear for your safety and comfort. The proper equipment makes your journey more pleasurable, but if your gear is not well-fitted it gives you problems. A small item that is not fit can lead to serious problems and you might even have to quit your journey at the worst. You are advised to consider the following equipment as essentials while packing for the Nepal Peak Climbing. Please use this list as a guideline. Adjustments to the list can be done according to your needs, interests, duration of your trip, season of your trip, etc.

You can find a variety of these gear for hire or to purchase in Kathmandu. The majority of the gear for sale in Kathmandu is locally manufactured (hence a lot cheaper) and some gears found here are imported from China and are obviously of better quality. You can also find some very high-quality brand gear in famous stores. Nepal Mother House Treks provides some gear in this list. Here is our Peak Climbing equipment list to provide you with a comprehensive list of necessities for peak climbing in the Himalayas.

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