Peak Climbing Preparation

For trekking you do not need to be a super athlete or a mountaineer but a few weeks of training will suffice. You need to do enough preparation for Peak Climbing. The climbing period for most of the trekking peaks rarely exceeds more than a few days so large amounts of base camp equipment are not usually required. Also, due to their relatively low altitude, the amount of climbing equipment required is proportionally less. In general, preparation for climbing a trekking peak is a little different from preparing for a trek. It won’t be more enjoyable spending the trip of a lifetime struggling to walk the trails every day when a little sensible preparation before you arrive would make the trails so much more rewarding and an entire lifetime experience.

Therefore, it is important to be in good physical condition and mentally prepared before you start Peak Climbing or other activities in Nepal. Try to spend an hour a day hiking or, better yet, take an alpine climbing course on ice and rock. Even our climbing guide will give training about how to climb and practical some climbing techniques. Running a few miles a day is probably the best single physical activity to prepare for your trip. During this training period, you may also be breaking in those new trekking boots that may otherwise give you blisters on the first day out on the trail. Whoever is planning to climb trekking peaks needs to be physically fit.

It will be good if you try to find out as much as possible about Nepal’s customs, especially about the particular trip that you have planned before arriving. We are always happy to give you information with updated facts.

Fitness and Training

All expedition peaks are extremely demanding; requiring lots of willpower and tolerance of harsh conditions. You will need to be in excellent physical condition and be physically and mentally prepared to deal with strenuous situations at high altitudes. You are required to have past rock and steep snow climbing experience on exposed terrain and must be familiar with modern climbing techniques.  In order to build self-confidence and develop experience on high-altitude climbs we recommend that you gradually climb higher and higher peaks and have climbing experience at altitudes over 6,000m before attempting the world’s highest peaks. Work on good aerobic fitness months before your expedition. The fitter you have been over the past several years, the better your chances.

Nepal Mother House Treks also offers a climbing course in conjunction with certified instructors which enables participants to develop high-altitude experience and climbing skills. Please visit the ‘climbing course’ section for more information.

Permission Procedure

Unlike in the past, the amendment of the Mountaineering Expedition Regulation in 2002 observes a change by omitting several unnecessary documents to go along with the Application for Mountaineering Expedition in Nepal. However, there is a Two-stage Permission system introduced in this amendment to facilitate teams acquiring permits well in advance by paying a deposit of 5% for Everest and 10% for other mountains. Here is how the process of acquiring permission to climb a mountain in Nepal follows:

Preliminary Permit

To acquire the preliminary permit, just fill out an application form and sent it to Nepal Mother House Treks duly signed by the leader of the expedition. The following documents are required for receiving a Mountaineering Permit:

  1. An application form filled and duly signed by the leader of the Mountaineering Expedition
  2. Bio Data Forms of all the members with PP-sized photographs
  3. Picture of the mountain showing location & climbing route
  4. 5% of the Royalty for Everest and 10% for other mountains.
  5. Affidavit form from the Company
  6. Company documents

Once the above are received, Nepal Mother House Treks shall forward the application to the ministry and within one to two weeks, the preliminary permit shall be acquired and sent to you.

Final Permit

Once your expedition is set and all members finalized, you can pay the remaining amount of the royalty to acquire a final permit. Nepal Mother House Treks, upon receiving the payment, shall process the permit and acquire it again within one to two weeks.

Changing of member route or the Peak

After acquiring the preliminary permit, if you have any change of members, climbing route, or the peak itself, you can apply again through our company at least 10 days before receiving the final permit. Your fees paid for the preliminary permit shall be applicable to your changed permits but please note that there is no refund if the changed permit’s final payment figure occurs to be lower than what you have already paid before for the preliminary or the final.