How Much Does an Everest Base Camp Trek Cost? A Breakdown of Expenses and Savings Tips

  • Aug 28, 2023
  • Karna Rana

Are you dreaming to see top of the world Mt. Everest (8,848m)?

The cost of Mount Everest Base Camp Trek will differ depending on trekking duration, Trekking Itinerary, hiking time, Packages, and category of Trek such as; Everest Base Camp Budget Trek and Short Everest Base Camp Trek.

If you would like to see into detailed Everest Base Camp Trekking Itinerary that includes day-to-day details information, Everest Base Camp Temperature, and curiosity about where is Everest Base Camp? Best Time to Do Everest Base Camp, How High is Base Camp, Everest Base Camp kit list, and other FAQs we are writing below Everest Base Camp Trip Cost 2023.

First, it would be best to know the cost of Everest Base Camp before the visit. In this article we are updating the cost details of Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek; this will help you to estimate the budget and plan for your trip.

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Everest Base Camp Trekking Cost

There are many factors that are the formation of the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek Cost; sometimes you might forget to budget for it. Here we have set out consideration.

Nepal Visa Cost for Everest Base Camp Trek:

Most tourists from different countries can get a Nepal Visa on arrival at ITA [Tribhuban International Airport], Kathmandu. Nowadays you can fill up the online form for the Department of Immigration of Nepal in any corner of the world. We suggest bringing some USD cash for Visa payments.

Here is a list of Visa Fee:

  • For 15 Days – 30 USD

  • For 30 Days – 50 USD

  • For 90 Days – 125 USD

For detailed information see the Nepal Department of Immigration site for up-to-date information on Nepal visa policy.

Insurance Cost for Everest Base Camp Trek:

Insurance is one of the elements that affect Everest Base Camp Tour costs. While ` you need to spend most of the days in high elevations above 3,000 meters. The EBC trek begins from Lukla Hilary Airport an elevation of 2,840 Meters.

High altitude sickness/ Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) occurs at 2,500 meters above sea level.  So, we recommend you obtain travel insurance while trekking in Everest Base Camp, which needs to cover the risk of flight cancellation, delay, lost/damaged baggage, evacuation, medication, etc. up to 5,500 meters. The cost of insurance depends on different companies and time length but for one month cost will be 100 US$ to 150 US$ per person on average.

If you are going on Peak climbing or expedition, you need to get premium insurance, this cost will be more than double the charge due to the high risk. 

Mostly the trekkers are asking for the best insurance company, for their answers we recommend some insurance companies according to our experience of more than a decade and Guest feedback. We suggested some insurance companies due to their relevance, best offer, and services.

See below some Insurance Companies.

  • Travel Guard:
  • American Alpine Club: 
  • Travel safe:
  • TID:
  • True Traveler Insurance:
  • World Nomad:  

Everest Base Camp
But you may find out other many insurance companies also. Please, just make your own decision.

Most popular treks in the Everest Region:

  1. Everest Base Camp Trek -14 Days
  2. Everest Base Camp Trek and Fly Back Helicopter -9 Days
  3. Everest 3 Passes Trek -21 Days
  4. Everest Base Camp Trek -8 Days
  5. Gokyo Chola Pass Trek -19 Days

Equipment Cost for Everest Base Camp Trek:

Regarding the role of the equipment cost on Everest Trekking Cost; it depends on what things you already have and need to buy now. We have to make a Trekking Equipment Checklist  here; Trekking Bots, sandals, globs, Worm Hat, Sun protected Hat, waterproof jacket, trousers, flees inner clothes, worm shocks, day bag, sleeping bag (up to -10 Degrees C), dawn jackets (up to -10 Degree C), Sunglass (UV Protection), suns Lotion (above 30 SPF), water bottle (minimum 2 liters per head), some medicine ( for cold cough, sprain, fever, food position, Vimax, bandage, etc.)

Most of the things you can buy or hire in Kathmandu at a reasonable price. If would you like to use things in the future, it would be better to buy them in your country or some branded shop in Kathmandu.  Otherwise using it only for trekking, you can buy it at the Trekking shop in Kathmandu. We recommend you buy Trekking bots, trekking bags, and sleeping bags of good quality, which you can use for a long last.

The average cost of Everest Base Camp Trek equipment is about USD 300 to 500 USD.

Everest Base Camp Trek Expences –Trip Operator vS Individual

Here, we are going to write about one of the factors of the EBC Trek Cost. The cost will be different when booking with Nepal Base Local Trekking Agency and with Western tour operators or doing your Independent Trek.

Trekking in EBC on your own is the best option for adventure trekkers who are on a limited budget. For this, you need to organize trekking permits, flight tickets, tea house, TIMS Card (Green one), and Porter by yourself. But as you are hiking in the high Himalayas if in case anything wrong happens, it won’t be good for you. Before starting your Independent Trek you need to be careful. On the list, it would be best to hire a porter either from Lukla or Kathmandu.

Sometimes you will find some trekking agencies offer very cheap prices for Everest Base Camp Trek but we would like to remind you of the proverb “Good Things are Seldom Cheap. Cheap Things are Seldom Good.” The Cheapest Things are neither reliable nor durable. We alert you to avoid a Helicopter Rescue scam on the roof of the world even though the Government of Nepal Vows to Ground Helicopter Rescue Scams.

Normally the Everest Base Camp Trek Cost will be cheaper booked with Local Tour Operators than others. Trekkers were concerned with services and were well-arranged with a local operator in previous times (more than 20 years back) but now most of the infrastructures at Everest Trek are available. You do not need to carry food for the trek and tents for an overnight stay due to the many tea houses that have been built and the good competition for customer service and hospitality. You do not need to put it on your finger; all things are taken care of by the Trekking Agency.


Now there are many B2B websites all over the world, which are collecting individual trekkers and sending groups to the local operator with a handful of commissions. This is the best option for those travelers who are looking for a budget trip and would like to visit a different part of people at the same time. But if you would like to flexible travel own your world, customize your itinerary, and destination, and enjoy such amazing nature then B2B won’t be reliable for you. In this case, the Local Trekking Agency is the best option. You can choose any Trekking Agency according to your friend's recommendation and read reviews on the Internet.

Here is the tentative Everest Base Camp Trek Price in a different category:

  • The tentative cost of Local Operator Cheapest with Group Join = USD 900.00
  • Tentative cost of Local Operator Normal cost = USD 1400.00
  • The tentative cost of Western Operator with Group Join = USD 1600.00
  • The tentative cost of Local Operator B2B with Group Join = USD 1000.00
  • Everest Base Camp Trek cost Independent Trek = USD 850.00

In conclusion, the Everest Base Camp Trek cost average = USD 1390.00

Tips for Guide and Porters while Everest Base Camp Trek

Tip for Trekking Guide and porters are other elements of Mt Everest Base Camp Trek Cost. The Trekking Agency that you are choosing must be a member of the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), which regulates the salary for the Guide, wages of Porters, and other staff with best practices. TAAN is conducting health, welfare, and tourism promotion projects all over Nepal. They recommend some volunteering programs and Tips for Guides and porters as well. Tips are not fixed, it depends on how much you are impressed with the services of the Guide and porters, your desire, and the trekking area. Normally, it says 10 to 20 % of your total payments for each of you. You can tip them from your inner heart.

But you can give them approximately 80-100 USD for a porter and 100-180 USD for a Guide for 14 day Everest Base Camp Trip.

Flight Cost to Nepal for Everest Base Camp Trekking

The cost of the Everest Base Camp Trek flight from your home depends on when you book the flight (high season March to May and September to November) and from where you are flying. The flight cost will be cheaper if you booked in advance.

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost –Flight Nepal= USD 1000.00 to 3000.00

Regarding the domestic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla; it will be about 180 - 190 USD per person for a single way. But the cost will depend on fuel cost.  

Do I Need Vaccinations for Everest Base Camp Trip?

You need to take certain vaccinations before traveling to Nepal. We have some recommendations for the main vaccinations while Trek in Nepal, which are Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Meningitis, Polio, Mumps, and Measles. Boosters are also recommended for Tetanus. We recommend some medication and vaccination according to our trekker history and implementation but we are not specialists in the health and medication sector. Please, we advise consulting with your doctor or local travel clinic before your trip. You may also consider against Japanese Encephalitis, Hepatitis B, and Rabies but it depends on which part of Nepal you visit.

If you travel to the southern part of Nepal at Tarai during the monsoon season, you need to take Malaria pills and prophylactics for Cholera according to your doctor's advice.

Most of the time you can get drinking water entire EBC trail (can buy or filter yourself) but self-purification methods will be best regarding environmental issues. We would like to suggest you use water purification methods; either using water purification drugs or filter machines or Ultraviolet rage (Steripen). This will help to reduce environmental pollution.  And, normally we suggest you minimum of 3 liters of water each day.

Average cost: 250 USD

Cost of Souvenir and Gift for EBC Trek

While trekking at Everest Base Camp, you will enjoy a lot of natural tranquility. To capture this pleasant moment in the future you may like to buy some souvenirs from the lap of Mt. Everest. Or you would like to take some precious gift from the Top of the world to your beloved, family, and friends. The cost of Souvenirs and Gifts depends on what you buy and from where. You can buy Pashmina, Singing bowls, Thanka Paintings, Nepali Hand Carpets, etc.

The Souvenir and Gift cost an average cost: 150.00

A donation, Entertainment, and Other Expenses

While you are on the Everest Base Camp Trek, walk through the high Himalayan settlements, sacred sites, and adventure trails. After seeing the condition of the Everest Base Camp Trail some people spent their life doing volunteering on road building. Your heart will be touched by their God Karma, so you may add hands with them for batter trail to EBC. Or you may like to donate some cents for the bright future of school children and to build the monastery to spread peace all over the world.

After walking long hours for many days, your body gets exhausted and needs some refreshment by applying Himalayan Herbal Massage, having bears, or any drinks.

The average cost is USD 100.00
The average budget for extra cash / spending money = US$100-$200

Mount Everest Base Camp Trek: Essential Tips and Information for Your Successful Trip on the Base of Top of the World “Mt. Everest 8,848.86m”

Here is a list of some tips that help to make your trip successful. Kindly go through it.

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The Cost of Accommodation in Trekking and Kathmandu

Accommodation is another factor for Everest Base Camp Trek. It depends on what type of hotel you are staying in. There are budget hostels to five-star luxury hotels in Kathmandu. The cost of some hostels/ homestay offers is USD 10 to 15 per day including breakfast. Likewise, touristic standard hotel cost is USD 25 to 35 per night per person with a BB plan without AC. If you like to add ac and other amenities then, the accommodation will become more costly. The Star level hotel, has almost international standard prices, however, during the tourist low season, you can grab the best offer. 

Similarly, the tea house accommodation in the Everest region starts at USD 3 per person to 40 depending on the category. But some places like Lukla, Phakding, Manjo, Namche Bazaar, Dibuche, and Lobuche, offer luxury accommodation, which costs 45 USD to 200 per night per head. 

**Important Note: As accommodation can get a minimum rate, the hotel owner expects business from your meals. So, if you are eating dinner at a different place than your staying tea house; you might have to pay an additional charge of $10 to 15 for your room.

Here is some extra charge for your accommodation

  • Hot showers do not come for free unless you are paying for an en-suite room. A hot shower may cost $2 to $8 depending on the place.
  • The Electric blanket or electric heater cost will be around $20 per night however all accommodations may or may not have them.
  • Battery Charging will be an extra cost on an hourly basis, usually about $2 to $6 whereas a power bank will be charged $10.
  • Internet may not be available for free at all places. WiFi charges will be about from 1 GB - Rs600 ~ $5.4, 10 GB - Rs1999 ~ $18, and 20 GB - Rs 2999 ~ $25 provided by Everest Link is quite common in the mountains although the service is very slow.

Meals Cost during Everest Base Camp Trek

The food cost in the mountains is much more expensive than gaining elevation. Normally, Dalbhat cost begins at USD 5 and rises to USD 10 in the high elevation at Lobuche, Gorakshep. Likewise, the cost of a bottle of boiling drinking water will be USD 1 to 4 in different places. The food expenses will be 25 to 35 USD per person each day. But if you are enjoying alcoholic drinks then, the cost will be higher. To reduce the trip expenses, you may use purified tablets or water filters, or UV Staire Pen to treat the drinking water. 

How Many Permits Are Needed for EBC Trek? 

The Mount Everest Base Camp Trek requires two different permits. Which can be obtained from the Tourism Board Office at Bhrikutimandfap, Kathmandu, or can be bought on the spot at the Manjo Checkpoint of Sagarmatha National Park. The Sagarmatha National Park permits cost NPR 3000 for foreigners and trekkers from the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) NPR. 1500, and NPR. 100 for Nepali. After 10 years children don't need the permits. Likewise, for the Everest Base Camp Trek, you need another local government permit, which is provided by Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality, which is NPR. 2000 per person. The trekking Guide needs a pay NPR.1500 for multiple entries within a year. For more details, you may go through the Nepal Trekking Permits and Fees.

Trekking Cards in Everest


*Note: Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality has provided the Trek Card since Spring 2023.

Guide and porter cost for Everest Base Camp Trekking

Light travel always helps to make your journey successful. and adequate information plays a vital role in making your trip meaningful. Hiring a guide and porter is the best way to make your trip a lifetime experience. A porter will carry your bags while ascending in the high elevation, so you are free of the load and can give yourself sufficient time to enjoy the amazing mother nature and heal your soul to the Himalayan vibe. And the professional Guide will not only lead your trail, but he/she will also give you information regarding, history, culture, religious beliefs, and trekking route updates. The Guide is your friend during the trek and takes care of you like your parents and a helper while in a helpless condition. He is consular while you are not able to decide. So, to make your Mount Everest Base camp trek lifetime memorable, you are suggested to hire a trekking guide and porter. Nowadays, you can hire a guide and porter from Lukla also, this will help to minimize your expenses and not pay for the Kathmandu to Lukla flight. The porter charge will be 20 to 25 USD per day and 25 to 30 USD per day for a Guide. You are going to celebrate your holiday in the Himalayas, so, you may hire a Guide and porter or explore the entire trip by yourself. But we suggest you go with a companion for such an epic journey to Everest Base Camp. 

Get a Recommendation for the EBC Trek

To make your trip successful, it would be better to collect various information from reliable sources. You can get very useful tips before the Everest Base Camp trek and this helps to explore secret things about the Everest region, no one tells you yet. 

Are you looking for Trek to EBC with a reliable and ethical on-the-ground tour operator, but don’t know where to start? We are here for your assistance.

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