Lukla Airport Gateway of Top of the World

  • Jul 10, 2023
  • Karna Rana

Lukla Airport: Gateway of Top of the Planet 8,848.86m -Mount Everest

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Who hasn't dreamt of being close to the tallest mountains in the world? Not everyone has the chance to experience the marvelous sight of towering mountain ranges in front of their very eyes. Lukla Airport in Nepal gives you that experience. Flying along the tallest mountains in the world, Lukla Airport opens you up to the unique natural gifts and countless cultural treasures of the Khumbu region. The flight to Lukla Airport is unforgettable, and will definitely leave you wanting to return for more.

Where Is Lukla Airport Located: (Lukla Airport Geography Structure, etc.?)

Lying in the spectacular Khumbu Region in the Solukhumbu district of eastern Nepal, Lukla Airport is the Gateway to the Top of the world at 8,848.86. Where countless adventure trek such as; Mount Everest Base Camp Trek, Everest 3 Passes Trek, Gokyo Chola Pass Trek, Gokyo Lakes Trek, and Renjola Pass Trek goes through it. Surrounded by the view of numerous lush green hills, the airport offers a striking sight of the Himalayas. The runway follows the path of high terrain, directly into the valley of Lukla.

On all sides, the airport is surrounded by mountain terrains. The runway in itself is like a terrace with one side covered in a wall of mountains and the other side of steep hills.

How is the Weather in Lukla?

Lukla is a small valley hidden among the high mountain ranges. A layer of mist covering the small valley is a common sight throughout the year. The mornings are cold and accompanied by thick fog, especially during the monsoon.

from September to December (autumn) and from March to May (spring) present clear weather. The temperature is higher during these seasons, and the visibility of the peaks is higher. You can see the breathtaking view of many mountain ranges sparkling from above.

Winter is accompanied by cold winds and a drop in temperature. The cold wind is a common occurrence in the morning and evening during winter, but the afternoons are sunny most of the time. Traveling during the monsoon is difficult because of constant rainfall, cold temperature, and the cloudy skies that cover up the beautiful mountain views.

What is the Elevation of Lukla Airport?

Kathmandu to Lukla flight is one of the most thrilling experiences also because of the altitude change. From the altitude of 1350m in Kathmandu, the flight directly connects you to the stunning height of 2845m (9334 ft). The high Lukla Airport elevation makes the flight even more exciting. As you board the flight, you will witness the scenery changing from terraced paddy fields to stunning mountain ranges.

Lukla Airport Runway Length

The Lukla Airport Runway length is only 527m, leading it to get the title of one of the most dangerous airports in the world. The small inconspicuous airport hidden in the midst of the Himalayas runs only 1729 ft and is 30m wide. To cover up the short length, the runway is made to slope upwards with an 11.7% gradient for a smoother landing. Because of this, the only flights that reach the airport are helicopters and small, fixed-winged airplanes.

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What Is Lukla Airport Code?

The Lukla Airport, also known as Tenzing-Hillary Airport, carries the IATA code that is LUA. Lukla Airport Code, as per ICAO code, is VNLK.

Weather in Lukla Airport Nepal

Given the high altitude, the Lukla Airport weather conditions frequently undergo changes. Hence, it is hard to maneuver flights even with slight variations in the weather. The cold wind blowing from the top of the mountains adds to the chilly weather that is often under turbulence.

The mornings are usually chilly with the wind flowing from the northwest side. Visibility during the peak traveling seasons like autumn and spring is better than in other seasons. Since there are lesser adverse weather conditions during this time, and the skies are more evident, there are lower chances of flight delays. The monsoon season is especially turbulent because of constant fog and decreased visibility. Almost 50 percent of the flights undergo cancellations and delays during the monsoon.

Flights To Lukla Airport Is Safe: (Lukla airport crashes History, Lukla airport crash statistics, Lukla airport accident)

Kathmandu to Lukla flight is known to be of serious difficulty. Crashes, although not common, are a huge possibility. This is because of the continually changing weather and bad visibility. Kathmandu and Lukla differ in altitude, so the weather during your take-off might not match that during your landing, causing discrepancies.

Lukla Airport crashes history contains many cases throughout the years. From its opening in the year 1964 AD, the airport has faced 11 reported accidents. Among the recent accidents, the one on 8th October 2008 was one of the worst. The weather conditions caused a crash and resulted in a fire. All the 14 passengers on board, along with two of the staff members, ended up losing their lives, and only the pilot survived.

Lukla Airport Crash statistics show that most of the crashes are due to low visibility and constant changes in the weather. There is a severe danger of flight as the valley is surrounded by high and low hills, and even a slight change in invisibility can be life-threatening. This is why pilots are supposed to be highly competent. Having completed 100 short flights, the pilot needs to have at least one year of experience and also needs to have crossed Lukla Airport at least ten times.

Lukla Airport accidents, although they are common not because of the safety situations in the airport, but because of the weather. So, Lukla Airport itself is safe.

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Is Luka Most Dangerous Airport In The World?

Lukla Airport is a common name in the list of the most dangerous airports in the world. The reason is the rapid changes in weather, low visibility, and varying topographical structures. Surrounded by low and high hills, even slight compromise invisibility can cause huge casualties.

Another reason for the danger is the altitude. The low air density causes the power of airplane engines to go down, making it difficult to take flight. At the same time, the low air resistance is the cause of the difficulty in slowing down the flight at the time of landing. Having a longer runway would guarantee safer flights, but the runway of Lukla Airport is also small for the high-altitude airport.

The title of “one of the most dangerous in the world” certainly comes with the account of the visibility and topographical conditions. Only small fixed-winged propeller planes and helicopters are allowed to take flight and land at the Lukla Airport.

As for precaution, it is better to know the state of the weather prior to the take-off. Remember to be wary of the weather conditions on both sides to avoid adversities.

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Kathmandu to Lukla flight cost

The Kathmandu to Lukla flight cost is only 180 USD per person. The 25-minutes flight allows 10 kg luggage along with 5 kg hand carries. As for Indian nationals, the flight costs only around 147 USD (Rs. 14700). However, the price fluctuates day-to-day, and if you are lucky, you might catch some offers as well. If you are in a group of 2 or more, then you can also ask for discounts.

Kathmandu to Lukla flight

The flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is a thrilling experience. The stunning scenery of mountain ranges from up close is a sight to behold. The flight takes off from the bustling city of Kathmandu, covered in rows of houses. As you fly past the settlements, you come across the plain paddy fields, which gradually change into small hills covered in lush deep forests. The greenery of the hills below and the stunning range of mountains above make the sight merely unforgettable. Even at such a short distance of a mere 25 minutes, you will get to enjoy the beautiful geographical structure of Nepal to the fullest.

The flight generally operates from 6:45 am = to 4:00 pm. There are three airlines that operate flights to Lukla Airport. These airlines include Tara Air, Goma Airlines, and Sita Air. Only small propeller planes are allowed from these airlines along with helicopters.

The valley of Lukla is a gateway to countless adventures. All the trekking routes in the Khumbu region start from here, so the valley is bustling with activities throughout the year. As you pass through the hills and come across Lukla Valley, you will be able to see the stunning sight of this settlement packed with colorful houses and their thatched roof.

While asking about Kathmandu to Lukla flight safety, it depends on the weather condition on both sides. As delays and cancellations due to bad weather are common, make sure you are well aware of the situation on both sides before you depart. Safety always remains the most critical concern.

Lukla Airport to Everest Base Camp Distance

The steep winding road from Lukla Airport to the Everest Base Camp is 65km. The total round trip is 130km and takes around 12 days to complete. The winding roads and steep hills make it harder to maneuver. There is no straight path to Everest Base Camp Trek, and you will come across several twists and turns along the way.


Kathmandu to Lukla Flight will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the journey. If you are planning to visit Nepal, then do not miss out! Who knows, it might be an adventure you will never forget. If you have any queries regards Lukla Flight, please feel free to contact us

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