Top 10 Helpful Tips for First-Time Trekking in Nepal

  • Jul 5, 2023
  • Karna Rana

Are you new to the trekking world?, still want to explore the high Himalayas? Then, we will give helpful tips for first-time trekkers in Nepal.

Trekking in Nepal can be challenging for trekking enthusiasts who are starting for the first time. At the same time, you can explore deep inside the hidden valley of the Himalayas.

Well, Nepal has the best trekking trails in the world. You will be walking through a lap of giant mountains with a blend of contrasting cultures and spiritual sensations.

Trekking in Nepal is not an ordinary trek. The trekking trail can take you over 5,000m. The thrilling adventure is compacted with a narrow trail but a wider view of majestic mountains.

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Some of the treks can be a 1-day hike. But normally, Trekking in Nepal consists of multiple days. It will take to the rural part of Nepal.

The accommodations are basic level. You may get continental foods but in a local style. There is good accessibility to electricity as well as a network too. 

Moreover, some trekking can take to an elevation above 5,000m. Normally, at the upper altitude, the temperature is always at its lowest.

Are You Planning the trek in Nepal?

Being prepared and having proper planning is the first thing you should do. Here are some of the points that may help with planning.

What are the Best Treks in Nepal for Beginners?

The first question while planning a trek in Nepal is ‘where to go’. There are plenty of trekking trails that you might get confused about which to choose.

There are some treks that take you to high passes. You might get altitude sickness and spoil your trek. It is, best to avoid those treks for beginners. However, if you are physically fit and well-equipped with trekking gear it is possible to do high passes also.  

Trekking around the Annapurna region, Manaslu Trekking, and Langtang Trek can be effective choices. Including some of the helicopter treks.

Definitely, the Top 10 Best Trek in Nepal list will give you more guidance before you select the destination. 

Top 10 Best Treks in Nepal for Beginners:

Pikey Peak Trek- Delightful Trek to Lower Everest (7 Days)

Ghorepani Poonhill Trek- Vantage point of Annapurna Massif (5 Days)

Langtang Valley Trek Best amidst Beginners Treks (8 Days)

Everest View TrekBest Beginners Treks in Everest

Mardi Himal TrekHidden Treasure in Annapurna Sanctuary

Helambu Trek- Easy and Amazing Cultural Hike

Tamang Heritage Trek - Sacred Tibetan Culture (7 Days)

Mohare Danda Community Base Trek (5 Days)

Manaslu Short TrekLao of the Manaslu 8163 m facts the 8th highest peak of the world (6 Days)

Chisapani Nagarkot Trek Short Hiking near Kathmandu Valley (4 Days)

In addition, there are some countryside trekking trails, to begin with. Which only consists of a couple of days. 

Which season to choose to trek in Nepal? 

Nepal has various seasons throughout the year. However, every season is not suitable for the trek. 

For beginner trekkers, choose the Spring and Autumn season. It has pleasant weather with clear visibility.

What Documents Requirement for Nepal Visa?

The following documents are required to visit Nepal:

  1. A passport with six months of validity.
  2. Covid PCR test with negative report or documents with a full dose of Covid vaccine before 14 days of arrival.
  3. Travel insurance covers health and immediate rescue during your stay in Nepal. 
  4. Initial hotel booking documents

Nepal has a ‘visa arrival policy. It’s better to fill out an online form for a visa, you don’t have to stay in the queue.

For more info check the official website of the Department of Immigration of Nepal.

Moreover, bring a handful of PP-size photos for permits.

What to Pack for Nepal Trekking?

Carrying the right backpack with the right gear and equipment is the key to successful trekking. A heavy backpack is hard to lift and a light backpack cannot carry all your essentials. So pack your bag wisely.

The trails of Nepal consist of continuous ascending and descending. Better to pack a light bag with all goods and needs. Also, concern with your travel mates about packing.

If you still cannot figure out what to pack for trekking in Nepal. Please feel free to check it. 

10 Helpful Tips for Preparing You’re First Trekking in Nepal

Here are the 10 helpful tips for beginner trekkers in Nepal

Start off Easy while Nepal Trek

Don’t push yourself on your first trek. There are plenty of easy treks to start off. Give yourself time to adapt to your surroundings. 

Some of the treks can give you tough times. Hence, choosing the right trek can be a vital point. Whether an easy or challenging trek, still you can experience so much about Nepal.

We have these recommended 10 easy treks in Nepal. You may give it a try.

Acclimatize well during the trek

The trail of the Himalayas takes to a towering height. Therefore, there is a high chance of getting altitude sickness. Walk at your pace and acclimatize well.

The high surroundings have less oxygen level as well as low atmospheric pressure. When your body does not adapt to those surrounding you get Altitude sickness also known as Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).

The best way to prevent altitude sickness is to eat properly and ascend slowly at your pace. It can be cured but in some serious cases, immediate rescue is required.

Go with a Local Agency or a Guide and Porter

In this modern era, local agencies are getting top-notch in terms of hospitality and services. But first, watch reviews and ratings before choosing one.

Whereas, Nepal is more popular for FITs. Anyone can travel without a guide. However, if you ever plan to join an agency, better to go with locals.

Some trekking trails are under restricted areas. It requires special permits that can be obtained by joining agencies only. 

And one more thing, you can save some bucks by booking from a local agency. 

Beware of Street Scams, They Offer Cheap Prices with Hidden Cost

Street scams are a worldwide problem for tourists. Likewise, beware of them in Nepal too.

During your stay in Nepal, you will definitely visit some tourist areas like Thamel and Lakeside. Some random guy will approach you and end up buying Thangka paintings along with other stuff.

Around heritage sites, street guides will offer you a complete tour. At last, they will ask for money for the tour.

Learn some Nepali Language before travel in Nepal

Nepal is home to kind and welcoming people. Locals are always eager to communicate and make you comfortable.

Learn some Nepali words to make them comfortable too. Some of the starter packs are “Namaste” which means greeting and “Dhanyawad” which means thank you. Also, call people “Dai” and “Didi”, which means brother and sister respectively.

Hello ( And Goodbye)   Namaste (or, more formally -Namaskar) नमस्ते,  (or, नमस्कार )
How are you?   Tapaailaai Kasto Chha?   तपाईंलाई कस्तो छ ?
What is (Happening/going on)?   Ke Chha?  के छ?
See you again (Goodbye?)   Pheri BheTaulaaफेरि भेटौँला
How Much?  Kati ho ? Kati Parchha?   कति हो? कति पर्छ ?
Thank you    Dhanyabaad    धन्यवाद
I am sorry/beg your pardon   Malaai Maaph Garnus  मलाई माफ गर्नुस्
I have diarrhea   Malaai pakhaalaa ( or Disaa) laageko chha    मलाई पखाला ( or दिसा) लागेको छ।
I have fever   Malaai Jwaro aayeko chha  मलाई ज्वरो आएको छ।

To learn the Nepali language kindly Go through the Easy-Nepali-Language-Learning Link.

Don’t forget to kick your taste buds with mouth-watering local street foods. It is an extra tip for you.

Planning Your Budget Before Strat Trek

Nepal is an affordable country to travel to (besides high-cost flight tickets). In the mountains, all you need is $30 per person for a day. In cities, the budget needs to be more.

Make sure to spend money wisely while traveling in Nepal. Better to buy all the essentials before initiating treks. Furthermore, instead of buying you can rent them which will eventually cost less. 

Never forget to exchange your dollar for Nepalese currency (rupees). Cash is the common way of money transactions.

Well Preparation-Train Yourself Physically and Mentally

Training yourself is the main flagship while preparing for the trek. Trekking can be a hardcore adventure for some fellow travelers.

The success of the trek depends upon one’s physical fitness. You should be fit to walk about 5-6 hours per day. So, start jogging right this moment.

Always remember a strong mentality always brings strong determination. Be ready for every challenge and obstacle with a positive mindset. 

Travel with the Group for more fun and Batter Price

Traveling with a group does not seem that interesting but it might be helpful for the beginner. Join the groups of fresh energy with the same vibes. It can change the perspective of your view of group travel.

Nepal is rich in geographical aspects. The densest forest and animals living inside the forest sure did add beauty to nature. But on the other hand, wilderness can get dangerous for solo travelers.

Likewise, trails in the Himalayas can be confusing for a first-timer. Never underestimate the Himalayas while traveling individually.

What are Tea Houses facilities?

Most of the trekking in Nepal is Tea House-based trails. Therefore, before trekking, you should know what a Tea house is. 

Well, Tea Houses are small establishments in the Himalayas that provide food and accommodation services. It is a basic level of lodging while luxury is out of expectation. Still, you will be getting a clean bed to sleep in along with delicious food.

Somehow, some of the famous trails like Everest Base Camp Trek have luxury hospitality. Everest View Hotel holds the record for the world's highest 5-star hotel at 3,920 meters. 

Pack Proper Gear and Equipment (Rent it)

Be prepared for challenging weather. Once a wise man said, “It is not bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”. Proper gear and equipment are very essential while trekking in the Himalayas.

Trekking gears can be expensive and are not made for daily usage. On the other hand, you can rent them from multiple stores in Kathmandu. Also, the prices are reasonably good. 


Overall, Nepal is home to numerous trekking trails. Hopping into trekking trails without any preparation can be problematic. So, these were some of the guiding tips before trekking in the Himalayas. Hopefully, it was helpful for your upcoming trip to Nepal.

In the end, if you have any confusion or questions? Please, you are always welcome. We can help in every possible way. 

Karna Rana

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