Volunteer in Nepal

Nepal Mother House Trekking has not only arranged treks, peak climbing, expedition, jungle safaris, rafting, and other adventure activities; we also offer opportunities to live and work with countryside people as a volunteer. We donate some percentage of our profit to the NGO PA Nepal. Located in Naya Bazaar 15 minutes from Thamel, the PA Nepal (Prisoners Assistance Nepal) is run by a lady who supports prisoners and their children in different ways such as offering residence for the children, education and skill training for prisoners, support for women released from prison, as well as advocacy on behalf of prisoners and their families.

Being a volunteer, you have a chance to make an important contribution to the people in Nepal one hand, and another hand you have a great opportunity to participate in a variety of educational and community aid programs and will get the opportunity to learn more about Nepali culture and society, that experience will stay with you the rest of your life.

Currently, we offer the following volunteer opportunity

  • Children’s´ (Orphanage) Program
  • Health Education (Remote Villages)
  • Environmental Program
  • School and Community Maintenance

Children (Orphanage) Program

In this program volunteers will be placed in a children’s home located at Naya Bazaar (Prisoner Assistance Nepal), a 15-minute walk from central Thamel. PA Nepal has a range of volunteer opportunities available. The volunteers have the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational and community aid programs. It will give you a chance to make an important contribution to the people of Nepal and while doing so gain an in-depth experience of the country and its culture that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Health Education (Remote Villages)

Depending on their medical qualifications, volunteers with a background in healthcare can work closely with orphanages in Katmandu. The projects include routine health checks, the formation of medical records, health and sanitation education, administering inoculations against childhood diseases, and treating basic ailments in helpless children, among other duties. Volunteers with health education and first aid training can also provide real tangible benefits to local communities. Volunteers can also deliver first aid knowledge to the local villages and give a hand in developing and delivering first aid and general health programs. Please note that for the health program, we favor medical students or advanced degree holders, however, volunteers with basic experience in this area can also be placed appropriately. Please contact us and send a copy of your C.V. along with your application.

Environmental Awareness in Countryside

If you have a passion for the environment it is possible to teach environmental consciousness at local schools within the community. Environmental awareness activities and programs can also be undertaken as a volunteer. In these settings, projects may include informing children about the hazards of improper garbage disposal, building a compost bin and teaching the children how to maintain it, and creating paper recycling stations to teach the children a valuable skill that could eventually be used in their future life, or other activities to promote environmental awareness.

School and Community Maintenance Program

This is an opportunity to help with a wide range of practical village-based projects in the countryside. This project could be as basic as painting or plastering, however, those with additional skills may be able to help in more advanced work for the community. The projects are usually decided upon in consultation with local communities, but you can use your initiative to suggest projects too. These should be sensitive to the needs and wishes of the local people and their livelihoods. Most of the time you will work along with villagers, so you have the opportunity to learn about traditional methods of building structures and working with them. For example, the projects may include school repair and decoration; toilet building; drinking water projects; road drainage projects, and/or recycling projects.