Special Offer

As Nepal Mother House Treks is local base travel company, we are always concern about sustainable Eco-tourism policy. This will support you (Guest) and us as win-win game. We have a special promotion policy for the travel agent, leaders, groups, student and any travelers who could benefit to the Nepal Mother House Treks and if so Nepal Mother House Treks also share benefits to them as well.

We provide great opportunities for travel leader and agent to earn money or make trip free while traveling around the bountiful Nepal Himalaya. If you are travel leader or traveling with your group of people, we are very much looking forward to coordinate with you for your any trips in Nepal or trip in outside of Nepal with us. While traveling in a group, it would be great joy for all of you; and on top of that we have significance group discount offer for every trip. So, come with group and grab heavy group discount offer.

Here is our latest trip offer and if you are eligible to this, please just mention this to us while booking a trip and you would be benefited from our Special Offer.

1. Agent Travel Policy & Group Leaders:

As you are travel agent or group leader it won’t be that much difficult collect more people for Nepal trip.  If you could collect more people much as possible to your Nepal Himalaya adventure trips, you have more probability to gain benefit. While you have assigned with Nepal Mother House Treks, then you are eligible for the Nepal Mother House Treks group offer. It is true “Naturally Nepal -once is not enough”, Nepal is tiny country but here are great diversity of geography and Culture. We encourage the group traveler; we have designed the following offers to our Nepal travelers.

  • Once you have booked your trip with Nepal Mother House Treks, if you could recommend minimum of 3 couples to join your Nepal trip or any trip at Nepal Mother House Treks at any date, you would get 5% discount on your booked trip cost……
  • If you could bring minimum of 6 people (except you) to your trip, you as a group coordinator, you got 25% discount on our trip cost……
  • If you could bring minimum of 8 people (except you) with your Nepal Trip, you recognize as a group coordinator, you got 45% discount on our trip cost……
  • If you could bring minimum of 10 people (except you) to your Nepal adventure trip, you got 80% discount on our trip cost, you as a group coordinator …
  • If you could bring more then 10+ people (except you) to your trip, you are treated as a group leader and your trip is free of cost….
  • If you could come with more than 20 people (except you), then you will get free trip as recognize as group leader and from others will get up to 3% commission.

2. Book two trips and get 5% discount on your second trip:

We would like to encourage Nepal travelers to join us for more than one trips and if you join us for more than one adventure trips, then you are eligible for 5% discount to your second trip. The first trip should be subjected minimum 15 days to eligible this offer. This helps us including jobless Guide and porter to support their family and school children and for you as well. So please do not miss out this great opportunity and book multi trips with Nepal Mother House Treks …….

3. Recommend Link Exchange of Nepal Mother House Treks with Leaders/Travel Company/Tour Operators/Blog & Get appropriate discount offer:

We are here to make you delightful trip in the Himalaya by expert local Sherpa Guide and Porters. As most of our clients are coming from recommendation and words of mouth. We Nepal Mother House Treks always committed to our valuable Guest satisfaction and value of money. We can compromise the cost but not our services. If you able to bring/connect Nepal Mother House Treks to any of the adventure travel related forum for link exchange opportunity, such as linking with gear selling company or any sport company or any travel insurance company or Travel blog, then we will offer you minimum of 5% to 50% discount on your trip. But you need to book trip with Nepal Mother House Treks.

In addition, if you know any travel company or the leaders especially western agent, who has enthusiastic to work for Nepal Himalaya and if you could connect us to them, then you will get for a maximum discount of 10- 100% discount on your trip cost.

4. Support Volunteer & Social Work with Nepal Mother House Treks & Travel Free:

According to Billy Graham- "God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with." If you could help Nepal Mother House Treks, then Nepal Mother House Treks could also assist you in many ways. If you are planning a trip to Nepal Himalayas, but looking for an opportunity travel on maximum discount possible or travel free, then you could simply associate with Nepal Mother House Treks for such opportunity trips around the Himalaya.

If you are professional copy writer, we provide more chances huge discount to free your Nepal trip. You could help Nepal Mother House Treks to rewrite or create text (Tours, Trekking and mountaineering etc. but professional documents should be required), then you may be eligible to travel in discount to free of cost.

If you are a travel writer or journalist or reporter to any travel related forum and can published your experience in the Himalaya, we may trip offer discount 5 to 50 % or free trip. At list Nepal Mother House Treks website link should be realize on the article. Any international magazine such as national geography, lonely planet, trip advisor etc. are most priority, then you could travel free with Nepal Mother House Treks as helping us for promoting ourselves on/through those precious organizations.

As another option, you may associate with Nepal Mother House Treks on responsible tourism, or join our voluntary program or social work in our Himalayan poor community and be eligible for the discount to travel free to your any Nepal Mother House Treks trips.

5. Share information about Nepal Mother House Treks on social media (Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Plus etc.), recommend & Travel Free

As you know, this is age of social media. It makes easy to share idea, emotion, experience and your view among the friend’s family and relatives. We believe, you must be very familiar with famous social media such as Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Plus etc. and keep on sharing your information there. If you could recommend Nepal Mother House Treks & Expedition at your face book /twitter friends, or recommend the link of Nepal Mother House Treks  to your groups of friends or in your society, then you could be offered to travel in discounted cost to free travel for this. I am sure you would make some videos while traveling or if you are professional video editor, then you could provide us your trip videos footage, we will treat your contribute as provide discount.

Please, feel free to contact us any time, as Nepal Mother House has offer above on this page. We are very much looking forward to your coordination.

6. Grab 6% Student discount offer

The age of student have much desire to do in limit budget. As we grew up student life to now, we understand about student life. How in limit money need to fulfill ultimate needed? While you are student of University, Collage and school and love to travel in Nepal Himalaya, we provide golden opportunity for you. Just you need to apply your student ID minimum 2 people, while booking trip and in this way you will get 6% discount on our trip cost. Students from all over the world can benefit from this offer. Contact us for more details.

7. Recommend each friend for their great trip in Nepal Himalaya

Once you are booked/ done trip with Nepal Mother House Treks, and recommend about your tours or share your trip experience with your friends circle and encourage your friends to join trip in the Himalaya with us. This creates good opportunity to choose right agency for your friend and consequently they have wonderful trip experience. We always sincere to provide you best services from your value of money and precious time.

8. Early Trip booking offer!

If you book a tour/trek/climbing/any trip with Nepal Mother House at list 9 month prior of your arrival, then you are benefited by 5% to 10 % discount on the trip cost automatically. Everything cost have been increasing up to 12 percent every year in Nepal.

9. Instant Booking

Book any trip at first email and get 5% discount right way. But this section is only available for couple booking (Minimum 2 People)!

Please don't hesitate to contact us anytime to grebe you’re appropriate offer with us. You may email us at [email protected]  or call us at our 24 hours Cell number at, +977 9841368753 at anytime.