Namobuddha is an important destination for Buddhist pilgrims nearby Kathmandu. Namobuddha is a little village in the mountains, near Dhulikhel, which hosts the Thrangu Monastery and the Shree Mangal Dvip school for monks. The place is famous for the stunning, yet not completely clear view of the mountains. One of the main attractions in Namobuddha is a little stupa, a famous Buddhist pilgrimage destination in the center of the village. According to a legend, in a previous life, the Buddha came across a tigress close to death from starvation and unable to feed her cubs. The Buddha felt compassion and sorrow and therefore offered his body to the tigress. In the woods below the stupa, there is a little mountain spring with extremely clean and good water, which is said to be blessed. The Phulbari, a beautiful park appears, suddenly in the middle of nowhere. The owner is a German businessman who also has a house in the park and who is kind enough to open the park for the public when he is not living there. The bus ride to and from Namobuddha is sometimes quite an adventure. The local buses are incredibly crowded with at least twice as many people as their capacity and many of the passengers have to sit on the roof.