Manakamana is situated in the of Gorkha district, 12 km south of Gorkha bazaar. A cable car is a newly introduced phenomenon in Nepal and has become extremely popular among the locals as well as the tourists. This cable car is in Kurintar, from where Manakamana waits only 10 minutes away via cable car. Kurintar is around 105 KM west of Kathmandu on the highway to Pokhara. Before the cable car was established, millions of pilgrims have to go to Manakamana on a long strenuous trek, although some people still prefer the footpath. The cable car ride covers a distance of 2.8 km with 31 passengers and 3 cargo cars, each with a seating capacity of 6; the system has an overall capacity of handling 600 persons per hour.
This place is famous for the temple of Manakamana, one of the manifestations of the Hindu goddess Bhagwati. The Manakamana temple is located 12 Km south of the historic town Gorkha and situated on a prominent ridge (1,302m. above sea level) overlooking the river valleys of Trisuli (south) and Marshyangdi (west). The unique location of the place is dramatized during winter when the ridge appears as an island above the sea of morning mist. People believe Manakamana Devi fulfills the wishes of her devotees, thus called the wish-fulfilling deity. The reward for reaching the shrine is both spiritual and physical exhilaration. Spectacular views include deep valleys, terraced fields, and the Manaslu-Himalchuli and Annapurna ranges. The adventure is one way your wishes get fulfilled!