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Reliable Trekking Agency in Nepal

Reliable Trekking Agency in Nepal

Karna was good enough to arrange a bespoke trek through some very remote territory. having trekking in the Himalayas five times before I really wanted to get off the beaten track for what I believed would be my last big trek. Sadly after only three days I got very ill, which only got worse (it has been diagnosed as probably being Typhoid and one or two other nasties as well!). We initially tried to walk back out to Tummlingtar but eventually I was too ill to stand.

As there was no other way to get out of the area we were in (there had been some landslides so mules were out as an option and I wouldnt have lasted the time taken to carry me out) I had to be helicopter rescued and then spent a week in hospital before an emergency flight home. Throughout this process karna was great, he did everything. When things go wrong is when you actually see the true colours of an organisation like this and I cannot fault the way they acted. Karna even visited me in hospital every day and kept in contact with my wife back home. Hes a quiet unassuming man who has plenty of experience himself of treks - I had lots of time to chat to him that week. My guide was Bombasingh, I had asked for an older, experienced guide and that is exactly what Karna provided.

Bomb, as hes known, took great care of me, he did so much for me despite falling a bit ill himself. He visited me three times a day in hospital and refused to go home himself until he had got me into that wheelchair at the airport and wasnt allowed any further! I can really recommend him too. The only thing I cant recommend is the route from Tummlingtar to Jiri. Its a very impoverished area with terrible sanitaion and no way out except by chopper, to be fair Karna had tried to dissuade me from this area before I booked the trek. Whenever you go through an agency you do put your life in their hands and I am happy to say that they really came through for me.

There are plenty of other agencies that are not like this (in hospital I saw large groups come in from other agencies, all members having AMS which shows they had been taken way too high way too quickly), Nepal Mother House are one of the few agencies left that I would feel I could actually recommend and if you get a chance I would also recommend Bombasingh, a great guy who probably saved my life.

Jon Merriott (United Kingdom)
December 08, 2017

Unforgetable Kanchenjunga - North & South Base Camps Trip

Unforgetable Kanchenjunga - North & South Base Camps Trip

A tough trek on rough terrain in a remote area. Weve done seven treks in Nepal previously including 3 high Passes and Dhaulagiri Circuit and found this really hard on the legs. 50 years of mountaineering experience gave us the mental strength to cope!

Its now possible to do the trek in lodges for a small group but some lodges are quite small. We (2 of us) started in late September just before the main season so didnt have a problem. Doing North Base Camp first means the hardest section of the foothills in a forested valley is done at the beginning. The walk out from South Base Camp is largely on open hillsides with views for inspiration.

Karna at Nepal Mother House was superb. Having founded his business on 10 years of portering, he really knows the game. He handled us in just the right way in respect of our previous experience and willingly sorted queries and problems. Sabut, our guide, was superb with a great sense of humour which made the trek really enjoyable. Kishman, our porter, looked after us really well and we felt like part of a family. Both were cooks who contributed to our meals on several nights. Food, incidentally, was really good with veg and mushrooms straight from the ground into the pot with pork or chicken on some nights - beautifully spiced too.

We managed the trek in 20 days of walking but 22 days(minimum) would be more comfortable. Take a light weight inflatable mattress as some lodge mattresses leave something to be desired.


Brian Leslie Mee & Patricia Ann Mee (United Kingdom)
November 14, 2017

Couldn’t ask for more

Couldn’t ask for more

The commendation and praise mentioned in many of the reviews are not exaggerated and I fully agree with it.
Mr Karna proved very reliable and capable organiser coping with everything we threw at them and we did require a lot of flexibly from the start to the end of Manslu Tsum Valley 22 Days. He matched a perfect experienced guide to our needs and not only that, along with the porter they were also wonderful people to have around. Our satisfaction was everything to them. Mr Karna required a small deposit to book the right men which is fully understandable. The pricing overall I found very competitive. It’s not easy to write a review when you are totally satisfied and are referring to very experienced people who know their environment like no one else and who will simply do their best for you. Nepal Mother House is highly recommended to everyone and to those who require customising the treks whatever their needs.
Special thanks to our guide and porter.

Refeleaf (Zlatuse and Hynek) (United Kingdom)
November 10, 2017

Nepal Mother House - 26 day Manaslu & Tsum Valley Trek

Nepal Mother House - 26 day Manaslu & Tsum Valley Trek

My friend and I have just returned from a great 26 day trek to Manaslu & Tsum Valley with Nepal Mother House.

The owner of Nepal Mother House, Karna, was a joy to deal with from the start, being very professional and helpful at all times. The whole experience was very easy with Karna organising all the details whilst allowing us the flexibility we desired. The trek itself exceeded our expectations and our guide, Jayaram Nagar (Jay) was always informative and ready to help, unlike some of the guides we observed with other groups. A number of other travellers we spoke to who organised there own guides/porters were impressed by how smoothly our trek went and concluded that they saved little or no money by organising their own treks and that it was not worth the added hassle.

The extension to Tsum valley is highly recommended to see some of the last examples of true Tibetan culture, despite being situated in Nepal. November was a great time to go (our Trek was November 6 to December 4) with reduced numbers of tourists and perfect weather. November is slightly colder than October but this was not an issue, with the coldest night we experienced being around -7 celcius the night before Larkya La pass. Daytime hiking temperatures were generally pleasant.

Tsum valley and Manaslu circuit have recovered well from the 2015 earthquakes and there is no reason to avoid this area; in fact they have suffered from reduced tourist numbers and need our support.

Steve Waddell (Australia)
December 05, 2016

Nepal Mother House - Thank you for an amazing trek, Manaslu & Tsum valley!

Nepal Mother House - Thank you for an amazing trek, Manaslu & Tsum valley!

Karna and the Nepal Mother House staff, thank you for helping me in fulfilling my long time dream to trek in Nepal.
For years I was looking for the opportunity to trek in Nepal. 6 month ago when I did my research about the right agencies to work with, Nepal Mother House came up as one of the best.

From my first contact, and through many interactions Karna was very responsive, focused, he gave me a reasonable pricing and more than everything else, he gave me the feeling that I have someone whom I can trust in organizing the perfect trek.
I was not mistaken.

Karna provided us group with a great guide, Prem and a very good porter Asis. Karna managed all the required logistics before, during and after the trek. He fulfilled all of his commitments in the best way. Karna helped in calming down my family when I was away up in the mountains with no working communication. As one of my friends needed some medical help, Karna was on his side making sure that he will get the right treatment.

Prem, our guide was very knowledgeable and experienced. Prem educated us about the region, the scenery, the people and the cultures. Prem knew how to lead the group, how to set the proper paste. He came up with good suggestions for adapting the original plan to meet the actual group paste and conditions. He knew how to handle challenges and how to work around some procedural issue when it arose.

Overall, I could not have chosed better, 

Yuval Levy (United States)
November 21, 2016

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