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Everest High Pass Excellent Trek October 2017

Everest High Pass Excellent Trek October 2017

We did the Everest High Pass Trekking with Nepal Mother House Treks in October 2017. We booked for our group of 4 friends.

Contact with Karna before the trek (emails, calls) was seamlessly. I had a recommendation for Nepal Mother House before, so after first email to Karna I felt that we had made the perfect choice. The communication was specific, detailed and on time.

The trek was beautiful, amazing and unforgettable. Our expectations were met in 100%. Our guide Sabut was a very social and helpful man. We had to shorten our trek for 2 days, Karna and Sabut managed flight changes and accommodation in a moment. After trek we had an opportunity to meet with Karna and share our impressions. Karna was interested in our thoughts and was looking for feedback. He is a open - minded and people oriented person. Sabut invited us to his home in Kathmandu - it was amazing just to spend a time with him, his family, try local cuisine.

Great people, great trip!!!  I would strongly recommend the Nepal Mother House Treks & Expedition.

Maciej Dworczynski (Poland)
February 25, 2018

Unforgettable Manaslu Trekking with Nar Phu Valley

Unforgettable Manaslu Trekking with Nar Phu Valley

Just before Christmas I finished the trekking with Ashok who is one of the guide of Nepal Mother House. It was a great experience, not easy to describe all the emotions and feelings which we had day by day. It puts a smile on my face each time if I think about the tour.
Nepal is an amazing country with so many lovely people.

Nepal Mother House is a great, open minded trekking company, organised an excellent tour. I will definitely trek again with them if the wind blows me back to Nepal.

Balazs Kazmer (New Zealand)
January 24, 2018

Nepal Mother House, what else !

Nepal Mother House, what else !

Let me describe you my first time in Nepal. I went there with 3 friends for a long trek in the Tsum Valley and Manaslu. One of my friends exchanged multiple emails with Karna, who is the managing director of the agency. He told us that he had a great feeling with this man, that the working approach of this agency seemed to be very good and ethical. I trusted my friend and as soon as we met Karna, i immediately knew he was right. We received a warm welcome in his office. He took plenty of time explaining all details about our trek. From this moment, i had absolutely no fear and was looking forward to beginning our adventure!

We met our guide, Subarna, the next day. Subarna is an amazing guide, kind, professional, very attentive, always positive! I could go on with a million adjectives but will resume him with one word: Subarna, to the 4 of us, was simply perfect. We had a lot of fun during the trek all together. There was not a day we were not amazed by the splendid landscape that offers Nepal. Besides, we had the chance to learn about the culture of the country thanks to our guide and the locals we met in the different lodges where we stayed.

When we came back to Katmandu, we met with Karna to give him feedback about our amazing experience and he made sure we had everything set up for our homecoming. We also had the chance to see Subarna back in Katmandu and visit places together. It was so nice.
I have so many good memories about everything i lived there!

If i come back to Nepal, i will certainly use the services of Nepal Mother House once again as i am 100% satisfied and happy of the time i had thanks to Karna and Subarna.

To sum up : trust Nepal Mother House beyond doubt ! :) Pricing is very competitive, quality is there and you will meet wonderful people.

Anaïs Terrezano (France)
January 21, 2018

Excellent service from Mr. Karna, Nepal Mother House!

Excellent service from Mr. Karna, Nepal Mother House!

It was my first trip to Nepal and I read a lot of reviews before choosing Nepal Mother House. I was planning a solo trip with a trek to the Tengboche monastery during the Mani Rimdu festival.

I communicated by email a few months ahead, and Mr. Karna always responded very quickly. He asked for a small deposit, and I liked the fact that the guide/porter would be flexible, so, I could enjoy the trek at my own pace. I had to visit the office a day before the trek for preparations, and Mr. Karna took his time, explained everything very clearly, all my concerns dropped . I also met my guide/porter Sundip. He and his friend accompanied me to the bank, then to a place where I could rent my down sleeping bag, I felt they were patient, and answered all my questions.

I was glad I had Sundip with me when arriving at the airport, it seemed rather complicated to get on the right flight, but he knew what to do.
During the trekking I had lots of freedom, Sundip was often way ahead or behind me, but we always connected before continuing, so I could enjoy taking photos and walk at my own pace. We had some good laughs in the evenings. He made sure I was OK when some symptoms of altitude set in, advising me to rest, drink sufficiently, and he checked on me regularly. He always found me a single room at the teahouses, and served me food and beverages. He also made sure that there was no garlic in any food, as I am allergic to garlic. He was very respectful.

To give an honest review, I will just add one remark of what was missing. As a guide, I had expected to learn more about Nepalese culture, the history, about the Tengboche monastery, my final destination, or just about the sherpa lifestyle... I ended up doing research after the trip which informed me more of what I had seen.

I only have good words to say about Mr. Karna, he is a very honest, respectful and reliable man, I hope to go back to Kathmandu someday, and I will definitely use his services/Nepal Mother House again. I highly recommend this agency! I will always have very fond memories and great pictures from this trip. Thanks to Mr. Karna for making this possible and for his excellent service!

Lydia (Canada)
December 23, 2017

Reliable Trekking Agency in Nepal

Reliable Trekking Agency in Nepal

Karna was good enough to arrange a bespoke trek through some very remote territory. having trekking in the Himalayas five times before I really wanted to get off the beaten track for what I believed would be my last big trek. Sadly after only three days I got very ill, which only got worse (it has been diagnosed as probably being Typhoid and one or two other nasties as well!). We initially tried to walk back out to Tummlingtar but eventually I was too ill to stand.

As there was no other way to get out of the area we were in (there had been some landslides so mules were out as an option and I wouldnt have lasted the time taken to carry me out) I had to be helicopter rescued and then spent a week in hospital before an emergency flight home. Throughout this process karna was great, he did everything. When things go wrong is when you actually see the true colours of an organisation like this and I cannot fault the way they acted. Karna even visited me in hospital every day and kept in contact with my wife back home. Hes a quiet unassuming man who has plenty of experience himself of treks - I had lots of time to chat to him that week. My guide was Bombasingh, I had asked for an older, experienced guide and that is exactly what Karna provided.

Bomb, as hes known, took great care of me, he did so much for me despite falling a bit ill himself. He visited me three times a day in hospital and refused to go home himself until he had got me into that wheelchair at the airport and wasnt allowed any further! I can really recommend him too. The only thing I cant recommend is the route from Tummlingtar to Jiri. Its a very impoverished area with terrible sanitaion and no way out except by chopper, to be fair Karna had tried to dissuade me from this area before I booked the trek. Whenever you go through an agency you do put your life in their hands and I am happy to say that they really came through for me.

There are plenty of other agencies that are not like this (in hospital I saw large groups come in from other agencies, all members having AMS which shows they had been taken way too high way too quickly), Nepal Mother House are one of the few agencies left that I would feel I could actually recommend and if you get a chance I would also recommend Bombasingh, a great guy who probably saved my life.

Jon Merriott (United Kingdom)
December 08, 2017

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