Tsum Valley Trail has Opened for the Trekkers

  • Aug 20, 2020
  • Karna Rana

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After Mega earth quick on 25-April- 2015, Manaslu Trekking trail had damaged in several places but it had rebuild all the routes. Many trekkers had successfully done Manaslu Larkya La Pass (5,160m) trip and Tsum Valley without any obstacle on 2015 autumn and last spring. As Nepal is Himalaya Kingdom, most of lands are cover by hills and mountains, so this is our fate to face some calamity every monsoon. But the Government of Nepal are always concern to reduce incident that happened by monsoon. During the monsoon 2016 (Jun to August) some part of the Manaslu trail has interrupted by land slide and flood. There was sad news on this post monsoon time on 22nd September, four people were killed by landslide at the bridge connecting Uiya-Kerauja along the Manaslu trekking route.

The entire Manaslu Circuit trail was clear, we successfully organized many trips during September and mid October this year; it means there is not any problem to cross the Larkya La Pass. But another part of Manaslu area; Tsum Valley trail was blocked by Land slide and flood at Sardi after Lokpa. The trail was cut off and sweep way by flood. The local used to cross at that affected area hanging by rope on bamboo ladder taking risk of life. There is not any chance of life, if any small mistake done while cross. Some trekkers and local of Tsum Valley were taking alternative route from Rana Village to the Tsum Valley. For this trail you need to follow Manaslu Circuit trail until Deng Village and after cross the bridge get in Rana Village, from where a trail heading to Chumling. Just few people are using this trail, so there is not any tea house or human settlement between Chumling to Rana, if you have good physical, you can get Chumming in a full day but you need pack lunch and enough drinking water. It will be best to bring tent and some dry food if in case you cannot make in one day.

Most of trekkers curious about Tsum Valley Trail for this autumn season. Everybody have same question; Is Tsum Valley Trail is Open? Now it is great news for trekkers who are heading to Tsum Valley. Now the problem of Sardi has solved, build two temporary wooden bridges using indigenous technology.  According to the hotel owner of Lobsang hotel & Lodge at Lokpa, Mr. Lobsang Lama and the warden of Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) at Jagat, Mr. Lal Bahadur Thapa Magar justified that the blocked trail has been opening from 11th October, they added it been just four days the trekkers are freely heading to Tsum Valley and “the Government has plan to build walkway bridge similar as Yaruphat” they said on our telephone conversation this morning. To acknowledge, Swiss engineering company built Walkway Bridge at Yaruphat using latest technology on cliff. The local hope that the trail between Lokpa to Cumling will solve permanently after construct Walkway bridge. Please if you have any question fell free to contact us any time.

Karna Rana

Karna Rana


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