Nepal on Top of 10 Must See Countries

  • Jan 5, 2021
  • Karna Rana

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According to the “Rough Guide” official media of the UK, Nepal on top of 10 must-visit countries in 2016. Rough Guide is the United Kingdom base world-famous online travel portal, who reference the information for the traveler.  It proved that the present situation of Nepal, have improved. 

Rough Guide is saying that the money spent by tourists in Nepal can help to rebuild houses, support the school children and families who are suffering from scarcity of minimum survivable fundamental food and health. While you travel in Nepal, you are trekking trail through the remote countryside and it is batter to do homestay trip, where most of the constriction had destroyed by earth quick. You have amazing mountains view, picturesque landscapes, and cultural experiences with local people and at the same time, the locals get supported by your visit.
Nepal is a small independent country between two gigantic countries China and India, but due to its geographic diversity, astonishing Himalaya panorama, and dissimilar culture in Nepal is one of the best destinations for all travelers from the world. The low land in the west part of the country is fertile land with an elevation of 65 meters, where some of the most important National Parks are here. During the National park tour you can enjoy with elephant safari in the jungle, meanwhile, you have sight of one horn Rhinoceros, dear, crocodile, and tiger as the list of the dangerous animal.

The Rough Guide adds more; Nepal is home of God and Goddess, where the Lord Gautama Buddha was born at Lumbini some 2600 years ago and is the holy land of many sages who used to meditate for enlightening in ancient time. Nepal is a live museum and a potpourri of different ethnic groups, where more than 123 different dialects are spoken among 125 different ethnic groups and they are dragging their one custom, tradition, religion, fest, and festival from centuries. So, the everyday whole of the year is a special day for the people, who are celebrating fast and festivals. In the capital city Kathmandu you can see real live Goddess Kumari in the temple.

Not only that, Nepal is the homeland of eight out of the ten highest mountains in the world, including the roof of the World  “Mt Everest (8,848m)”. Every tourist can enjoy different activities while traveling in Nepal. You can do a 45 minutes mountain flight to a day of sightseeing and a multi-days’ tour to extreme adventure trekking and expedition at the foothill of the Himalaya.

After a series of devastating earth quick and aftershocks, the tourism industry of Nepal is rising again. Hundred of thousands of people have homeless, it distorted ancient historical monuments of Nepal, many buildings in Kathmandu valley, and countless villages in the countryside had completely damaged. More than 8000 people had killed, and more than 25000 thousand people have been injured, likewise, more than two hundred thousand houses had totally damaged according to government data. Now people are returning to their normal daily life. The historical monuments, temples, monasteries have been rebuilding and the trekking trails and tea houses have already been rebuilt. Every tourism sector is ready to serve the tourist right now.
Your trip to Nepal will be a great support for Nepal and all Nepalese who are suffering from the Nature disaster. While the trip in Nepal, the Guide and Porter will get a job, this will support his family, rebuild the house, and his school children’s bright future indirectly.

The Rough Guides listing Nepal in the first position among the top 10 countries to see in 2016. Likewise; the Colombia, Cuba, Jordan, Albania, Romania, El Salvador, Wales, Kenya, Sri Lanka area gradually second to the tenth position follow the list of People's choice for 2016.

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Karna Rana

Karna Rana


I hearty welcome to Nepal, known as Kingdom of Himalayan and roof of the World “Mt. Everest.” Nepal has named as a Heaven on Earth, is a wonder in the Himalayan. It is the Shangri-La, living cultural Museum, birth place of the Lord Buddha and it is country of living Goddess “Kumari.”

I am Karna Rana Trekking Tour Operator and Mountain Guide, specialize for Trekking, Tour, Travel in Nepal, Hiking in the Himalayan and others Outdoor Activities including, Peak Climbing, Expedition, Adventure Trekking, Rafting, etc. applying my field expiring since 2000. Meanwhile, I have completed my Master’s degree in Rural Development (2016) from Tribhuvan University of Kathmandu, Nepal’s leading educational institution. Now, I have been applying my field experience in tourism, especially in remote areas of the country for sustainable eco- tourism for local empowerment. I enjoyed writing blog own word sharing my travel experience in the Himalayan, aiming to provide right information and help to the Nepal Traveler.

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