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  • Jul 11, 2023
  • Karna Rana

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You might be curious about the Manaslu Marathon for 2023 when it is going to start?  At What Date?  If you have been planning for the recently open Manaslu Trail tea house trek, it will be the best idea to avoid the camp where the group stays overnight. As there are few tea house services for this trekking route, if you are on the same date as the race group, it might be not comfortable for you due to the crowd. So, it is best to avoid the Race group to spend the night. But you have a great experience with participants of the Manaslu Trail Race.

Enjoy Manaaslu Circuit Trek Vedio

The Manaslu Trail Race 2023, is going to be conducted from 07th November to 17th November according to the Manaslu Trail Race official site. It is one of the most amazing races in the lap of the Himalayas. Manaslu Trail race begins from Arughat Bazaar at Gorkha districts an elevation of 608 meters after a scenic drive from the capital city Kathmandu.  And it goes through the Manaslu Circuit Trekking Trail; Sotikhola, Tatopani, Pewa, Henning Gumba, Samagaun, Manaslu Base Camp, Samdo, Bhimtang via Larkya La Pass (5,160m) and ends at Dharapani.  This is an adventure race in High Himalayas, about 192 km. 
The itinerary will be like this:

Manaslu Race Trip Itinerary

1, 2, 3 Sat, Nov 4th Days 1-3: Kathmandu (5th arrive, 6th organize,  7th depart to start)  

Tue, Nov 7th Stage 1: Sotikhola to Dibhan ↔ 24.9 km   2080m    -1650m 

Wed, Nov 8th Stage 2: Dobhan to Deng  ↔ 27 km   1730m    -740m 

Thu, Nov 9th Stage 3: Deng – Hinang Gompa  ↔ 23.5 km   2130m    -920m 

Fri, Nov 10th Stage 4:  Hinang to Samagaon  ↔ 24 km   1500m    -780m 

Sat, Nov 11th Stage 5: Samagaun ~ Manaslu Base Camp ~ Samagaun  ↔ 12.6 km   1100m    -1100m 

Sun, Nov 12th Stage 6: Samagaon to Samdo ↔ 7.9 km   530m    -310m 

Mon, Nov 13th Day 10:  Rest/Walking – Samdo – Tibetan Border – Samdo  ↔ 20 km   1200m    -1200m 

Tue, Nov 14th Day 11: Hike/run Samdo to Bimtang  via Larkya La pass (5,160m)  ↔ 22 km   1490m    -1594m

Wed, Nov 15thDay 12: Stage 7 – Bimtang to Tilje ↔ 18.2 km   550m    -1980m 

Thu, Nov 16th Day 13: Return to Kathmandu (Drive)    - 8 to 9 Hours drive 

Fri, Nov 17th Day 00:Kathmandu departure (14th day!)     -2117m

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Karna Rana

Karna Rana


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