Biratnagar is Nepal’s second-biggest city and is located near the southeastern border of India. It is known for its agriculture, commerce, and industry. Most of the country’s manufacturing industries are located in this region. Tourists discover Biratnagar on their way to the Himalayan states of India, known as Sikkim and Darjeeling. Visitors also arrive in Biratnagar by air to begin their trekking to mountains such as Kanchenjunga. In recent days, a day or two is also spent at Biratnagar city by tourists adventuring into Nepal’s tea-growing regions like Ilam and Dhankuta. Biratnagar is linked with Kathmandu by road and air. The Biratnagar airport is the regional hub for vital air services serving the remote Eastern Hills, and there are regular flights to Kathmandu. A survey for a railway extension from India is underway. 

Places to Visit around Biratnagar are Baraha Chhetra, take an hour's splendid scenic drive away from Biratnagar to Baraha Chetra, an important Hindu pilgrimage site located at the confluence of Koka and Sapta Koshi rivers. Biratnagar Haat Bazaar: Open Market (Haat Bazaar) takes place every Wednesday in a field east of Biratnagar. Make sure to visit the Haat when you get to this place.