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Bhuatn is a small land locked country in south Asia, it is located in the eastern Himalaya chain border by India on the East, west and South and China on North. Bhutan is a beautiful Himalaya kingdom with geographic diversity, dissimilar culture, full of mystery and magic. It is known as "Land of the Thunder Dragon" and “Gross National Happiness”. The majority (about75 %) people of here are following the Kagyu Drukpa sub-sect of the Kagyu sect of Mahayana Buddhism and 23% Hindus, rest of 2 % are others Bon, Christian, Islam and others. According to Bhutanese law, Bhutan provides for freedom of religion; to promote the spiritual heritage of the country while also ensuring that religion remains separate from politics. The Government of Bhutan has been a constitutional monarchy since 18 July 2008 and it was an absolute monarchy between 1907 and the 1950s. The head of state is King and executive power has Prime Minister. Buddhism is the state religion of the Bhutan; this is the only one nation where the Tantric (mystical, apocalyptic) Buddhism has been practicing. In ancient time Bhutan’s had influenced by Tibetan Buddhism in the 11th century. That’s why it is similarities to Tibetan Buddhism; however, over the centuries it developed its own rituals, and culture. There is some Hindu also. Who are Nepalese ethnic, and in recent years have experienced some discrimination and about 100,000 have fled as refugees to India and Nepal.

Bhutan has ancient Buddhist culture and tradition, that’s why it was almost completely cut off to visit the foreigner for centuries to avoid foreign influences. It was open for traveler since 1970s. Bhutan is virgin land to explore around, during trip you have amazing mountain scenery, beautiful landscape, unique culture, charming festivals and unbelievable Buddhist Monastery and historic forts. You may travel short tour for 4 days to above 3 weeks high altitude long trip through the national park encounter with various flora and fauna on the foot of Himalaya. Now, tourism is biggest industries of Bhutan, since 1991 is become popular destination for tourist. As Bhutan is restricted to travel, it is only possible as part of a pre-arranged package or guided tour.


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