Nepal mountaineering Info

Communication equipments:
Communication equipments like Sat Phones, VHF sets, Walkie Talkies, etc are quite often used on expeditions. All these equipments require permits to be imported and used within the territory of Nepal. Please follow the following procedures to ensure that you are importing/using above equipments in a legal way. Following documents are required to make permit for communication equipments:

Rescue/ Emergency Evacuation:
In the case of a serious sickness or a casualty, which we believe will not happen, you shall be rescued by a helicopter. Since you are entirely liable for all the expenses incurred in evacuation please make sure that it is covered by your insurance before assigning for it or be prepared to pay on your own after getting back in Kathmandu. If you have no communication equipment, ask your guide to arrange a runner to the nearest communication point and inform office about needing a helicopter. While asking for the helicopter, you are required to send the name of the sick person and exact location from where helicopter can airlift you. Do not leave the place although you are getting better once you have ordered helicopter.

Medical supply / safety measures:
You will need to get your own local medical advice about suitable inoculations and any prophylactics before departure. The major health concern is altitude related illness or Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS, DISCUSSED IN DETAIL UNDER ALTITUDE SICKNESS SECTION). All our high altitude treks/climbs are equipped with life saving equipments like Gamow Bag, Oxygen and a set of Medical kit as suggested in Dr. Jim Duff’s list of medicine for trekkers. Since our staffs/guides are not qualified for suggesting medications to western clients (in local guide assisted service), we would request you to use the medicines upon your own risk for your comfort, a printed verse of the standard manual stating the use of included medicines are made available in the medical kit. Principally it is safe and reliable if you have your own list of medicines supplied and so not depend on what we have.