Tips for first time travelers in Nepal

While you’re traveling to Nepal, best to know about some important codes and conduct. We at Nepal Mother House often update travel information which will be a great support for Nepal travelers especially first-time travelers. These practical tips will be useful to make your enjoyable trip.

Nepal is one of the best travel destinations in the World. Here are the remaining 8 out of the 10 highest mountains in the world. Mt Everest and the other seven highest mountains are in Nepal, and Mt Everest is known as Sagarmatha in Nepal. It starts 58 meters from sea level at Jhapa "Kechana" to the top of the world's Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest 8,848.86m) elevation of 8,848 meters. Nepal is an incredible and delightful place to visit on Earth. It is an ideal place that offers you wonderful and unique diverse landscapes with planes, Mountains hills, and the Himalayan. This is a holy land where sages used to mediate for enlightenment, and the Lord Gautama Buddha was born at Lumbini in Nepal.  And it is a live museum of culture and tradition, Kumari is evidence of a live Goddess.

Nepal is the most peaceful country in the world that also can be the perfect destination for travelers, who can enjoy hiking, trekking, and other adventurous activities. Even if this is your first time visiting you can visit Nepal without any fear or hesitation.  Nepal is the safest travel destination compared to other countries. During your 1st time traveling in Nepal, you will experience verities of cultures and religions jolt, friendly people, remarkable scenery, the tallest and most famous mountain in the world, awesome peaks, etc. Likewise, if this is your first time trip to Nepal, you don’t require trekking experience just you should be in good shape, love to walk, and have a positive view of different cultures. But it will be best to be well prepared by physically and mentally arriving before Nepal.

Here are some lists of travel tips for 1st-time travelers in Nepal

  • Drink only boiled water or mineral bottled. It will be best for the environment, with the option to drink purified water with a different system stare pain or a filter machine with purified tablets.
  • Don’t trek alone, especially for single women travelers. At least hire an English-speaking guide or porter through an authorized trekking agency. It will save you time and an enjoyable trip.
  • Don’t eat raw vegetables and pre-cut fruit as much as possible. Best to eat local food like (Dal Bhat), which is fresh, and delicious, and that fewer chances get food poisoning problem.
  • For the first-time traveler, it will be best to start short trekking in the lower altitude that will offer you some up and down challenging hills with beautiful mountain vistas, plenty of oxygen, beautiful farming villages, etc.
  • Stay healthy and maintain hygiene that prevents you from illness. You should use hand antiseptic before and after the toilet and when you get sick use an antibiotic that is prescribed by a doctor,
  • Avoid offering money to street kids or beggars that encourages them to beg more. If you really want to support them you can donate to INGO or the charity organization which is working in Nepal.
  • Don’t expect a luxury room like your home because that will depend on the different trekking regions where you are traveling. All the accommodation is arranged according to range and comfort for travelers. We do our best to provide you much more comfortable room where possible.
  • Join to celebrate local fast and festivals with the local people in traditional manners. When in Rome, do as Roman does.
  • Do not leave rubbish along the trail and bring it back with you. As waste is creating environmental pollution in the trails. Take nothing but pictures and enormous experience and left nothing but only footprints.
  • Consuming Ganja/Hemp/ Marijuana plant is illegal so, never carrying it with you may cause trouble.
  • During the dry session Load shedding is common in Nepal, so carry a handy flashlight with you.
  • You will pass through a small village where local customs are still followed so dress humbly and respect customs.
  • Avoid using plastic materials and help Nepal to make a clean place.
  • Bring warm cloth and four seasonal sleeping bags on the trail as night and morning are so cold.
  • Make sure that you have packed all the things you need but don’t carry unnecessary stuff and carry a backpack while trekking.

Nepalese are friendly, honest, and helpful so you can talk to them with a smile and leave a good impression of your culture. So follow all the above tips to make unforgettable your Nepal trip for the first time and bring life experience with you. Nepal Mother House is glad to offer you to join our Nepal Trip.