Foods on the Trek

In a lodge to lodge (teahouse) trek you can expect to get mostly continental and local foods (Dalbhat), ordered from the menus. You can also get Tibetan, Chinese, Nepalese and even Indian and Italian dishes in most of the teahouses. We provide three meals every day with tea or coffee. Food on the trekking are usually vegetarian and staple foods include rice, vegetable curry, Dal soup, noodles, pasta, bread, potato items, dumplings (momo), fries and stew. Desert is not including in the package, although it's normally possible to buy chocolate, chocolate bars, apple pai, rice pudding, biscuits, sweets etc. at the teahouse. In every meal you'll be given a cup of tea or coffee and you can purchase additional drinks from the lodges.

The food is good and always enjoyed by the hungry trekkers. In higher altitudes near the base camps of the mountains, you get fewer varieties than in the lower altitudes. Wherever possible we try to offer you fresh vegetables from the village and fresh fruits. If you are doing high altitude treks like the Everest base camp, do not consume alcohol (you can get beer and whisky even in mountains) until you reach your destination. Alcohol consumption may increase the chances of altitude sickness. You are allowed to choose the food you like but it is wiser not to order different dishes for each person’s as cooking so many dishes takes a long time.

Some lodges do not have many ovens and may be they have only one cook. It will be best to making a combined order saves time and fuel, especially during lunch. These will helps to reduce to use the fire wood and to protect environment. You can buy bottled water in the mountains but we suggest you to bring water purifiers like iodine and avoid bottled water. Water bottles are major source of pollution in the mountains. If you are in a camping trek we provide you multi-course dishes from starters to deserts. We have excellent cooks to prepare hot and delicious meals. A full set of facilities including kitchen and dining tents, tables and chairs are provided during organize trek.