Holi Festival (Phagu Purnima)

Fagu Punima is a most popular festival of Nepal with colors friendships and love. This is a festival of calling for the spring season. Laterally, Fagu Punima is composition of two different words; Phagu (the name of 11th month of Nepali month Phagun) and Purnima (full moon). People describe in other ways as well, Phagu means sacred Red color and Purnima is full moon. There are different myths about this festival.

The ancient Hindu festival of Fagu Purnima falls on the full moon day in the month of Falgun according to lunar calendar (late February or early March). Allegedly named after the mythical demons Holika, it is a day when the feast of colors is celebrated.

Legendary, this festival originated as celebration of the death of the demons Holika. Holika is sister of Hiranyakasipu and Prahlad is Hiranyakasipu’s son. Hiranyakasipu was proud of his power, he believe that there is not anyone more powerful then himself. But his son Prahlad is devoted of Lord Vishnu/ Krishna. As Hiranyakasipu did not like his son’s beehive, he said to sister (Hoilika) burn him on fire. An evil woman, who had fire, resists power; she had made several attempts to kill her nephew, Prahlad put the boy on her lap beneath the burning fire. But the boy (devote of Lord Vishnu) remained untouched by the fire instead and Holika, herself destroyed surprise. After victory on the evil by God, the Holi festival had begin to celebrate with color and water. 

The Holi start one week before than main celebration.  As traditional rituals a long bamboo stick (lingo) covered with pieces of different color cloths (Chir) is standing in Bashantapur Durbar square at Kathmandu.  The main day of Holi is celebrated one day prior of Lingo is taken down and burnt the Chir. It is called Chir Haran or Holika Dahan. The ashes are carried home by devotees as Parsad, it is believed that it will protect them against evil. 

People are gathering and put colors on each other as token of love. They visit their relatives and friend moving whole day singing, dancing with colors. Different parts of people celebrate different date. People of Terai celebrate Holi next day of Kathmandu and Hilly region. This is joyful festival for children; they used Pichakari (water Gun of Bamboo or plastic) with colorful water throw each other. Even they filled balloon with water (Lola) and smeared over them. 

Now days, Hoil is celebrate every people without religious boundary. Even this is great experience for every tourist from different world, who would like to know about unique Nepali culture.  This year Holi falls on 2074 B.S. Phagun 17th on Thursday as 20 -March-2019 A.D.  You are heartily welcome to join with us for our grant festival Holi.