Local Guides and Porters Hire from Lukla for 2023, 2024

Hire Guide and Porter from Lukla for Local Empowerment and Sustainable Eco Tourism!

Hiring trekking Guides and Porters in Lukla for Everest Base Camp is a safe, cost-efficient, and flexible way of making your journey. The Guide is not only leading you on the trekking trail but also arranges accommodation and food for you. Moreover, he/she is a good friend of yours in the Himalayas and acts as a guardian; interacts with local people regarding weather forecasts, and makes sure of the current condition of the trail. We at Nepal Mother House Treks insure well-equipped Guides and Porters while you hire them from Lukla and they are insured according to Nepal’s Government Rule also. recently, the Tourism Board of nepal has realized the press, "Trekkers no Longer Trek in Nepal without Guide", it believes that the new provision will help to create more jobs for the Guide and porters, which will indirectly help to run their families and great support for the School Children's bright future. Likewise, the trekkers are more safety while trekking in such high Himalayas and get the right information about culture, people's livelihood, and trekking trail.

However, according to the Local Government of Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality; the New provision of NTB is not implemented in the Everest  Region Trek. Trekkers can go without Guide and porter in Everest Base Camp Trek, and other treks although, they may hire a Guide and porter for their safety and more pleasant.

A Guide usually carries his bag pack and carries your belongings things by the porter. Besides that, the guide will tell you about religious faith, tale, information about temples/monasteries, geography, vegetation, and wildlife, teach you the Nepali language, and share culture and festivals value. For more the ten people in a group will provide an assistant guide who is job title known as SHERPA; during the peak season if a phone network is not available, he will run ahead in the morning to secure accommodation and will assist you to carry your day pack while struggling, and any needy situation. The assistant Guide/Sherpa looks after logistics; registers your name details in each check post, reconfirms and organizes your all transport whether go by bus or plane, orders meals liaises and directs the porter, etc. For the small group below eight to ten people, all the work will do by Guide.

Hiring Trekking Guide Vs. Porter-Guide Vs. Porter in Lukla:

While trekking in Khumbu Region, if you already visited Everest Base Camp Trek, Everest Three Passes Trek would be best for the next adventure test in the high Himalayas, or you may visit the Gokyo Valley to enchant your soul in the tranquil lakes and surrounded nature harmony. Before making a decision either hire a Guide or Porter or Porter-Guide; infect it is best to understand the difference between their job titles.

Trekking Guide Hire from Lukla:

A trekking guide is only qualified when they have participated 5 weeks-long theoretical and practical training courses organized by the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM), and he or she should be 10+2 academic level or equivalent with 2 years of working experience in a registered trekking agency or S.E.E. academic level graduation with 3 years field experience from the registered trekking agency of Nepal or if his academic qualification does not meet the standard then he/she should be complete Trekking Porter Guide Training from NATHM with 4 years experience in Nepal’s trekking agency. A certified professional Trekking Guide has good communication skills and tackles every condition accruing in the mountains. As they are experts in the region, they have good relations with tea houses, hotels, air ticketing agencies, transportation agencies, and porters to manage things. The Guide will give you more information they can about trekking trails, local culture, lifestyle, norms, and values, he describes the main attraction of tourists in the town and introduces the mountain peaks. He/She helps to get in the permits line for you, ensure safety and handle crises also.

A guide will also help you to acclimatize your body and educate you on how to avoid altitude sickness using his first aid skills. If you are interested to learn some of the most important Nepalese words and phrases then, Guide will teach you some sentences of words that would be useful for every day. Nowadays, you can get various Guides who specialize in culture, climbing, wildlife, food, bird watching, etc. But you need to inform them a couple of months before hiring them, as they are just a few, and guides can be expensive and hard to find at once.

The cost of the Guide hired from Lukla for the Everest Base Camp Trek will be dissimilar according to their experience, expertise, and language skills.

Cost of hiring a guide from Lukla: USD 25 to 30 (Includes wages, food, and lodging)

Porter-Guide / Assistant Guide Hire from Lukla:

A Porter Guide is someone who will help to carry your bag up to 10 kg and lead you along the trails in the mountains. Sometimes, Porter-Guide is known as the Porter Come Guides or Guide Come Porter. Normally, they are joining with you at the trailheads as they are from the local area. All Porter Guides have not achieved certificates and training from Government authorities due to a lack of academic qualifications however, they are very experienced to find trekking trails. They can help you to get trekking permits and check in and out the permits. The Porter Guide has inefficient communication ability and limited first-aid skills although they have a well-mannered guiding capacity. Nevertheless, in any emergency cases and happened any injuries or arranging a rescue, they will be ready to help you. Trekkers who are enthusiastic to see nature's beauty without losing the trekking trail and don’t care widely information can be hiring Porter-Guide from Lukla for your Trip to Everest. To fulfill various trekkers’ requirements, the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM) provides training courses for the Porter-Guide. Those who have basic communication skills in any one international language with 2 years of working experience in the trekking field as a porter or S.E.E. Pass academically qualified candidate can participate Porter-Guide fifteen days course.

Here is the Cost of hiring a Porter-Guide in Lukla: USD 25 to 30 per day (Includes wages, food, and lodging)

Hiring a Porter in Lukla:

Porters are very essential for the trekking industry; the journey cannot be complete without their support. They are responsible for carrying food and supplies in the mountains. Mostly, the Porters speak only their mother tongue as well Nepali Language. Some porters can communicate in English very limited but they are professional to carry your luggage the entire trek. A porter is hired not just to carry your loads; although he will be paired partner during the needy situation.

While hiring a porter, you are not just supporting a person porter; you will also increase the number of children going to school. Providing jobs a Porter is a great contribution to the local economy and empowers the locals. Normally, in the tea house basic trek mode, a porter will carry up to 25 kilograms plus his gear almost 30 Kg carrying the load from one place to another place for the night stop on the track. A porter generally carries backpacks of two trekkers in baskets or tight together by rope and strap on his head. As they carry heavy loads, usually walk at their own pace without communication with the trekkers, and live overnight at porter shelters. Usually, the Guide arranges the porter and manages the bags.

Mostly, the independent porters at Lukla are not well equipped nor get insurance. So, we do not recommend you hire porters on your own in Lukla. If in case you need to hire them, you may contact the hotel's owner in Lukla or talk to your Guide or email us at Nepal Mother House Treks.

Cost of hiring a Porter from Lukla: USD 20 to 25 per day (Includes wages, food, and lodging) except Everest Three Passes Trek. 23 to 25 USD Per day Charge for the Everest 3 Passes Trek.

5 Most Popular Treks in Everest Region:

  1. Everest Base Camp Trek -14 Days
  2. Everest Base Camp Trek and Fly Back Helicopter -9 Days
  3. Everest 3 Passes Trek -21 Days
  4. Everest Base Camp Trek -8 Days
  5. Gokyo Chola Pass Trek -19 Days

Cost Detail to Hire a Guide and Porter in Everest Teek:

Find the cost of hiring professional a guide, Guide cum Porter and experienced Porter in Everest Regions for various Trekking Routes.



Everest Base Camp Trek 

Gokyo Trek | Everest View Trek

Chola & Renjola Pass Trek

Everest 3 Passes Trek

Guide Hire Cost

USD 25 - 30

USD 25 - 30

USD 25 - 30

USD 30 - 35

Guide cum Porter Hire Cost

USD 25 - 30

USD 25 - 30

USD 25 - 30

USD 30 - 35

Porter Hire Cost

USD 20 - 23

USD 20 - 23

USD 20 - 23

USD 23 - 30

*Note: Kindly make confirmation by sending the Online Payment Deposit, 3 to 7 Days before your Trip Starting Date.

*Note: Government Vat, Tax, Office service charge, Guide, and Porter Insurance are Subjected to the cost.

Some FAQ:

Q. Will Our Guide and Porter Speak Fluent English? 
#  As we are a trekking tour agency based in Nepal, we have fluent English-speaking well experience Guides, most of them are from the local area.  To be a Guide, they need to participate in five weeks-long Trekking Guide training organized by Nepal Government.  During this training; they study theoretical and practical courses about Culture, History, sociology, anthropology, tourism, hospitability, Language, hiking, climbing, environment, etc. I mean they are experienced in any trekking area in Nepal and able to tackle any circumstance.

Q. What Will be The Price if we Only Hire a Guide and Porter But Arrange our Own Transport?
# Sure! You can organize your transport and hire a Guide and Porter.  Normally the porter cost is 23 to 25 per day, but we can offer you 20 USD per day. And Guide for just 30 USD per day. 

Q. Guide English - How Well Does the Guide Speak English?  
# Well! Our entire Guides are Government license holders (completed 5 weeks long training provided by the Government of Nepal), so he/ she is good enough English for the Guiding and can solve all problems during trekking.  They know high altitude sickness symptoms, mediation uses, how to prevent AMS, and others about culture, history, religion, locals, etc. The guides can tackle the problem on the trip and other necessities. If we back on their history, our clients are fully satisfied with them. 

Q. If We Get Stuck in Lukla Due to Bad Weather, Do We Need to Pay For a Guide and Porter for The Delayed Days?
# I am sure, you will choose one of the best trekking times, normally September to November in the autumn, and mid of March, April, and May in the Spring season is one of the best seasons for the EBC Trek. However, if we flashback to the last few years, the first week of October remains rainy due to post monsoon effect. The weather system has been changing due to the global warming effect. So, we at Nepal Mother House would like to recommend you the second week of October and later on till December. Hope you won’t be facing this kind of situation, if in case you are stuck in Lukla, then you do not have to pay them extra. When the trek ends, their duty is over, and ready to do some other jobs.

The good thing for you is, nowadays you don't need to wait and wait for several days for the weather to fly back to Kathmandu. For a 4 to 5 hours walk from Lukla, you will get to Thamdanda, from where you can get the regular jeep drive back to Kathmandu. Drive Thamdanda to Kathmandu by Jeep very long drive 12 to 14 hours or more depending on road conditions. Although, it is the best way to get back to Kathmandu. Likewise, if the weather is not favorable then you can drive by jeep from Kathmandu to Lukla (Thamdanda) also. 

Q. What is The Tipping Practice for Guides and Porters after the Trek?
# Well, the Tips are not things that are fixed, it depends on every trekker and according to the trekking region. How much you are impressed by the Guide and Porter’s services and their behavior? Normally, it says 15 % of your total payments. You can give them from your inner heart. But for an idea, you can give them approximately 90-100 USD or above for a porter and 100- above USD for a Guide depending on how much you are pleased with services during your Everest Base Camp Trek.

Q. Can we get Extra Porters from Lukla to EBC and back to Lukla to Carry Personal Gear? How Much Is The Payment For This Personal Porter?
# Regarding the extra porter; at this cost, I will provide a porter between two people. A porter will carry 25 to 30 Kg max, including his 3 to 5 kg own gear. Normally, 1 porter for 2 people will be sufficient for the Everest Base Camp Trek. But, If you would like to hire an extra porter, then I am pleased to organize it for you, the cost will be USD 20 per day for each porter.

Q.  Do we have to Pay for Guide/Porter Flight Tickets to Lukla?

# No, you don’t have to pay, since our porters and guides are already in Lukla, they are local from the Khumbu region. As your trek begins from Lukla and is again completed in Lukla Airport, as soon as finish the trek, our Guides and porters are ready to go with other Guests. But, if you choose Everest Base Camp Trek Package to include a Guide and porters, then a Guide comes from Kathmandu, and the flight cost is already covered in the package.

Q.  How do we Find Guide and Porter in Lukla?

# After you sign up for your trip with us at Nepal Mother House Treks, we provide your details information (Name, Country, Contact Number) to our guide and porter. They will be holding your nameplate on paper at the Lukla airport arrival terminal to pick you up. Likewise, we will provide you name details of our Guide and porters and contact numbers as well.

Q. Is it true that solo trekking is banned in Nepal? The news said that it's effective from April 1st-2023. So what about trekkers wanting to trek solo before April 1st, are they banned too?
# Well, Solo trek is not a band in Nepal but it is mandatory to take a Guide in a group. If you start trekking before the 1st of April, you can go without Guide. However, this rule gives you authentic information regarding culture, tradition, and updated information on trails, which makes you more safety during the trek and indirectly you support the children to go to school and make their bright future provide the job for the Guide and porters. For more details kindly, go through trekkers who are no longer allowed to trek without a guide in Nepal.

Q. When do you need to book Guide and Porter? Is it possible to book on the same day?

# Well, as we are a local trekking company, it is possible to book Guide and Porter on the same day whereas possible. However, we are always concerned to make your trip a lifetime experience with an experienced local porter and professional Guide per your requirements, so it would be best to book Guige and a porter from Lukla a few days before than trip on your departure date. Sometimes, during the trekking peak time, they might already be fixed to the trek with other groups and even some guides do the trekking as a seasonal job only for the trekking main season, so Guide and porter need to walk for one day to few days to get to Lukla from their home place. So, you are suggested to book Guide and porter as soon as early.

Q. Why did you hire Guide and porter from Lukla?

# The locals are ambassadors of the country, they have been practicing indigenous knowledge in various sectors, and they grew up playing with every each part of the territory directly and indirectly, and now they are doing professionally as trekking guides and porters per as their ability. The trail, rivers, streams, Jungle, glaciers, lakes, and mountains recognize their footprint after frequently visiting. The Guide and porter know very well about updating the trail condition, weather, and temperature every monsoon and winter. They know, which is good hotels and tea house for overnight staying and meals. Likewise, they are capable of explaining their culture, beliefs, and traditions batter way than any scholar or writer. The locals are the real source of the information about Everest territory. 

We at Nepal Mother House treks focus on local people to Guide in the Everest Base camp Trek and other related trekking routes to empower the locals through their job and direct and indirect to support their families and School children for a bright future. Similarly, while you are using the porter and Guide from Lukla your trip cost is also reduced by not paying for Lukla Air Tickets. So, if you are looking for an Everest Region trek to hire a Guide and porter from Lukla, look at every detail and decide by yourself. If this is your first trek in Nepal then this Top 10 Tips for Beginners in Nepal helps a lot for you. Likewise, a complete Guide for the Everest Base camp Trek gives some ideas to save the amount of your money during the trek. 

*Note: Service charge and Vat are subject to the cost. ++

Hence,  one time USD 100 for up to 3 people in a group and 30 USD per person if your group size is 4 people to above. 

**Note: Insurance of Guide and porter will be an additional charge. 

And Guide and porter insurance is USD 50 per person one time.

If you need any further information on the hiring Guide from Lukla or Porter-Guide or Porter from Lukla this Spring 2023 and next to yours in Autumn 2024, feel free to contact us any time. We at Nepal Mother House Trek are ready to organize for you.