Dashain Festival

Dashain is the biggest festival of Nepal and it is celebrated in the month of Ashwin (late September or early October). It is the longest and the most auspicious festival in Nepal and is celebrated by Nepalese of all castes and creeds throughout the country. The festival is celebrated for fifteen days. People worship manifestations of Goddess Durga for the first nine days. Thousands of goats and buffaloes are sacrificed throughout the country on the eighth and ninth days of the festivals. The tenth day is the main day of the festival as people receive Tika and Jamara from elders and receive their blessing. Dashain is also the time of great family reunion as family members from far off and distant relatives come for a visit as well as to receive Tika from the head of the family.

The festival session of 2023, has been starting from 15th- October to 28th- October -2023. Dashain celebrates more than 10 days, the first day called Ghatasthapana (Date 15th October) and the last day called Kojagrat Purnima (28 October). The most important day is called Dashami, this year it is on the 24th of October, during this day people take Tika, Jamara, and blessings from elders. Phulpati,Mahaastami, and Mahanawami are celebrated with great joy after Dashami (Tika). Let’s celebrate Vijaya Dashami with us for your extreme experience. Happy Vijaya Dashami 2080 !!