Top 10 Great Reasons to Visit Nepal

  • Mar 5, 2021
  • Karna Rana

You might be questions: Why should be visit Nepal? Well, there are not any reasons to visit most beautiful country Nepal.

Nepal is a tiny Himalayan country but rich in its biodiversity, natural beauty, and culture. It is the holy land where Sakyamuni Gautam Buddha was born at Lumbini and many sages, deities used to meditate this land to get in Nirvana. Still, you can see the living goddess ‘Kumari” in Kathmandu as a live museum. Nepal is a habitat t of endangered animals like one horn Rhinoceros, Snow Leopard, Red Panda, Royal Bengal Tiger, and Musk Deer. It is home to the Eight out of Ten Highest Mountains in the World, including “Top of the World”, Mt. Everest. The lowest elevation 65 meters at Jhapa to Roof of the World “Mt. Everest (8,848m)” is in Nepal. Nepal is known as heaven on earth and even Shangri-La for its famous natural attractions.  Nepal is truly a perfect destination for every traveler all over the World, where you will love to travel. After the visit to Nepal will surely win your heart and offers you its natural beauty, unique cultural values, and social practices. The people of Nepal are so friendly, honest, and cooperative. The fast and festival are running wholly in the year 365 days, so you will get the chance to participate in different activities, which make your trip lifetime memorable.

Simply Nepal is a gorgeous and wonderful country, anywhere else in this World. Obviously, once is not enough in Nepal. You do not forget Nepal for many reasons. Here are the top 10 great reasons that embark on your next holiday destination in Nepal.

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1. Safest Destination with Friendly People:

Nepal is considered the safest travel destination in the World. According to the IEP (Institute for Economics and Peace) the Global Peace Index (GPI) of 2016, Nepal ranked “second peaceful nation” in South Asia after Bhutan. It is conducted by American-Australian among 158 nations in the world. Nepal got 80th position in the world. This is an example of a testimonial, Nepal being improved after 25th -April-2015 devastating earthquake and border blocked by India. The people of Nepal are known for their friendly nature, hospitality, and a smiley face. We always ready to welcome you to Nepal.

2. Trekking on the Lap of Himalayas:

Nepal knows as the “Kingdom of Himalaya”. Where 8 highest mountains out of 10 remain in the world, including Mt Everest (8,848m) roof of the World. Nepal is considered a trekking paradise with numerous trekking routes, where every travel can do easy and short trips to multi-week extreme adventures trip in the Himalayan wilderness region. There are several popular trekking routes in Nepal, among them Mt. Everest Base Camp trekking, Annapurna Base Camp trekking, Upper Mustang Restricted Area Trip, and Langtang valley are most visited. Recently, Manaslu Restricted Area Trekking is being most famous for a tea house and homestay trip. You may choose any of these trekking routes and explore the Himalayan sceneries like never before.

3. Insight to Geographically Diversity and Cultural Mixture:

Nepal is a tiny country but here is vast geographical diversity, the land starts from 65 meters from sea level at Jhapa to Top of the World Mt. Sagarmatha (Everest) 8,848 meters elevation. Here are many hills, forest, lakes, waterfalls, Glacier, Icefall, Glacier Lakes, and Snowcap Mountains. So Nepal is the best destination for every traveler in every corner of this world. This is a country full of dissimilar cultures, traditions, languages, and beliefs among more than 124 ethnic groups. The fast and festival are running every day the entire year. Nepal is a live museum of culture and tradition. You have a testimonial of living Goddess “Kumari” at Kathmandu Durbar square. Nepal possesses a diversified topographical and cultural mix. The ethnic groups are residing in various parts of the country from Tarai low land to mountains and Himalaya high land. Here is a wonderful opportunity to get insight into their culture, history, and lifestyle which would certainly be a new learning experience for everyone.

4. Abundance of Wildlife and Bird Watching Destination:

Nepal has ten National Parks, six Conservation Areas, three Wild Life Reserves, and one Hunting Reserve. Every destination is luring thousands of tourists every year. This is home to the various rare wildlife species of flora and fauna. While embarking Chitwan National Park tour you can see endangered species such as one horn Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, Musk Dear, Crocodile, and many animals and birds while elephant back riding. Similarly, there is a wonderful opportunity to witness an abundance of bird watching experience in the jungle and cannoning.

5. Experience Adventurous Activities:

Nepal is the best destination for adventure activities. Paragliding, white water rafting, zip-flying, bungee jumping, sky diving, ultra-light flight, and other adventurous activities that define the true meaning of adventure, thrill, and adrenaline. Nepal is worth visiting a minimum of 1 day to a whole a month or more. During 45 minutes mountain flight you can see the scenery of the mountain range including Mt Everest almost touch by your hand. This is the best place for every adventure traveler to luxury wealthy people. Many activities such as; Peak Climbing, Expedition, Rock climbing, Paragliding, Bungee Jump, Jeep flier, Skydiving, Canyoning, Tours, Trekking, Hiking, World Heritage Site Tour, Religious, National park tour, White Water Rafting, Cultural and Historic places sightseeing many more can do in Nepal.

6. Trace the Birth Place of Lord Buddha at Lumbini and Other Religious Sites:

Nepal is the beautiful Himalayan Kingdom; it is the richest and most diverse culture and landscapes anywhere in the world. Nepal is the holy land where the Hindus and Buddhists have lived together in good harmony for centuries.  Among many temples and holy sites, the Pashupatinath and Doleshwor Mahadev are Nepal’s most sacred Hindu shrine and one of the four most important sites in the world for Shiva worshippers. From an early age to now Nepal has been the most important Spiritual activities; it is the origin place of The Vedic Sanatan Dharma (the root of all the religions), the birthplace of Veda Vyasa who wrote the 4 Vedas; father of all the literature and scientific discoveries, source of holy river Ganga, the land of Goddess, saints and sages. Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini, the southern low land of Nepal, which makes Nepal a sacred pilgrimage destination among Buddhists as well. While visit Lumbini you will find the significance of Buddhism. Various monastery representatives by different countries all over the world, temples are remarkable. The main attraction of Lumbini is the Maya Devi temple, where Maya Devi gave birth to Lord Buddha. You will feel peace and tranquility visit in Lumbini.

7. Special Discount Offer, Value for Money:

This is the right time to travel to Nepal. After a destructive earthquake, Nepal is badly affected by most of the sector. Likewise, the Tourism sector also does not remain untouched by it. Nepal is safe to travel, it is true many houses had collapsed but not mountains and Natural beauty fall. All houses have been rebuilding and everything is in normal condition. To encourage tourists in Nepal, we are offering special discounts for every visitor. And we have deigned great offer especially for Student, Group traveler, family traveler. You may travel one day tour to multi week’s trip, either easy or short with family trekking to extreme adventures in the Himalaya. Your Nepal trip will be once in a lifetime experience and it is a great opportunity to enjoy a lot more, paying less. The trip will pay back your value of money. So, it might be an ideal time to visit Nepal with an unbounded discount offer. You will benefit 5 % to 100 % of our special offer. Visit Nepal to enjoy your holiday and support the people here for their flourish.

Here is a list of 10 Most Popular Treks in Nepal:

  1. Everest Base Camp Trek -14 Days
  2. Everest Base Camp Trek and Fly Back Helicopter -9 Days
  3. Everest 3 Passes Trek -21 Days
  4. Annapurna Base Camp Trek via Poon Hill -12 Days
  5. Trek to Upper Mustang -18 Days
  6. Manaslu Circuit Trek -17 Days
  7. Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek -16 Days
  8. Nar Phu Valley Trek -9 Days
  9. Langtang Valley short Trek - 7 Days
  10. Makalu Base Camp Trek -20 Days

8. Architectural Handicrafts and Art Works for Souvenir:

Several authentic and traditionally unique arts and crafts are produced commercially in Nepal. While traveling in Nepal, architectural handicrafts, handmade carpets, and artworks are the most popular souvenir for tourists. The Thangka painting, wooden craft, metal craft, stone carving, and pottery to other artisan products brilliance what Nepal is basically known for. The World famous Gurkha’s knife “Khukuri” has carried the glory of Nepal’s history during the world war. You may buy any of those goods for your family, friends, and beloved as a special gift of Nepal.

9. Be a Part of the History of Rebuilding Nepal:

Due to the 7.9 rectors scale massive Earthquake on 25-April-2015, many villages have been destroyed, more than 9500 people have been killed, and more than 30000 thousand people have injured and about 494,717 houses were destroyed and 267,373 houses damaged, according to the latest data of the Ministry of Home Affairs. If you are traveling in Nepal at such a critical time, you may help Nepal in many ways; you can do volunteering to rebuild houses, physically support, or technically or economically, it means you are helping us in every possible way. While volunteering you can visit some of the best trekking destinations like Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp, Manaslu Circuit, etc. If you are a specialist for any sector such as Photographer, journalist, writer, researcher, doctor, nurse, social worker, etc. you may publish in the media about Nepal’s reality, what was Nepal before earth quick and after earth quick and how is it recovering right now.  Anything would be a great support for Nepalese. Later on, when you look back, your support reflects on your life, and you can be proud of your precious work. Obviously, you will be a part of Nepalese history forever.

Except for a devastating earthquake, Nepal stands strong and beautiful forever. The mountains haven’t fallen and many beautiful areas are still safe to trek and visit. People here are waiting for your welcome, the culture, tradition, people hospitality are all still going to be here. Nepal is forever a vibrant, amazing, hospitable destination for every visitor. To visit Nepal is also a great support for Nepalese.


10. Cheapest Cost in Quality Lodging, Fooding, Transportation, and Hassle-Free Visa:

Nepal offers quality accommodation and food, transportation, and other facilities that best suit you. From five-star services to budgets services, Nepal has it all. While trekking and touring with a reputed trekking company, the quality of services is assured. The World famed magazine of USA “Forbes” published on 11th Jun an article about Cheapest Place in the world, among 20 cheapest places in the World; Pokhara was ranked the first position must travel in 2016. It is mention that the per-day expenses are USD 15.84 for a tourist while traveling in Nepal. For the Nepal Visa, you can get it easily on arrival at Tribhuban International Airport in the capital city Kathmandu. Food in Nepal is very good and tasty. It product at countryside organic away using none comical.


Dal Bhat is a major food for Nepalese; each Dal Bhat test is different due to various vegetables. Momo is very popular in Nepal and the Newari food is in many items. If you are a lover of hot and sour Newari food is best to eat. There is a variety of food in the restaurant, you can get every food item from the world in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and another tourist hub. Nepalese, Chinese, Continental, Indian, Japanese, Thai, and Italian many more food can get in the city. Taste the best of food and cuisines when you visit Nepal. Here is not any degut, to travel in Nepal. This is the right time to visit Nepal on a small budget compared to other destinations.


Karna Rana

Karna Rana


I hearty welcome to Nepal, known as Kingdom of Himalayan and roof of the World “Mt. Everest.” Nepal has named as a Heaven on Earth, is a wonder in the Himalayan. It is the Shangri-La, living cultural Museum, birth place of the Lord Buddha and it is country of living Goddess “Kumari.”

I am Karna Rana Trekking Tour Operator and Mountain Guide, specialize for Trekking, Tour, Travel in Nepal, Hiking in the Himalayan and others Outdoor Activities including, Peak Climbing, Expedition, Adventure Trekking, Rafting, etc. applying my field expiring since 2000. Meanwhile, I have completed my Master’s degree in Rural Development (2016) from Tribhuvan University of Kathmandu, Nepal’s leading educational institution. Now, I have been applying my field experience in tourism, especially in remote areas of the country for sustainable eco- tourism for local empowerment. I enjoyed writing blog own word sharing my travel experience in the Himalayan, aiming to provide right information and help to the Nepal Traveler.

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