Nepal has not lost its beauty…

  • Jul 11, 2023
  • Karna Rana

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As you know; the massive 7.9 rector scale Earthquake on 25-April-2015 at 12:56 AM center at Gorkha and other many aftershocks desperately destroyed ancient historical monuments of Nepal, many houses in Kathmandu valley, and countless villages in the countryside. Many villages have been completely damaged. More than 8000 people have been killed, more than 25000 thousand people have been injured and more than two hundred thousand houses have been totally damaged according to the latest data.

Life here is trying to come back to normal condition after 25 April- The devastating earthquake and its aftershocks. Life here is trying to come back to normal condition right now, except for Langtang Trek, Other trips (Annapurna, Mustang, Everest, Manaslu, etc.) in Nepal are safe for the coming season (Fall). If you are confused about the Nepal trip plan, I would like to inform Manaslu is safe for the trek. If you are planning to travel, you may travel to Nepal. This will be a great support for Nepal and all Nepalese who are suffering from the Nature disaster. This will be greatly contributing to providing jobs for jobless porters who are victims of devastating recent earthquakes in Nepal.  This will greatly support his family, rebuild the house, and his school children for a bright future indirectly.

Karna Rana

Karna Rana


I hearty welcome to Nepal, known as the Kingdom of Himalayans, and the roof of the World “Mt. Everest.” Nepal has been named a Heaven on Earth and is a wonder in the Himalayan. It is the Shangri-La, a cultural Museum, the Birthplace of the Lord Buddha, and the country of the living Goddess “Kumari.”

I am Karna Rana Trekking Tour Operator and Mountain Guide, specializing in Trekking, Tour, Travel in Nepal, Hiking in the Himalayan and other Outdoor Activities, Peak Climbing, Expedition, Adventure Trekking, Rafting, etc. applying for my field expiring in 2000. Meanwhile, I have completed my Master’s degree in Rural Development (2016) from the Tribhuvan University of Kathmandu, Nepal’s leading educational institution. I have been applying my field experience in tourism, especially in remote areas of the country, for sustainable eco-tourism for local empowerment. I enjoyed writing my blog own word sharing my travel experience in the Himalayan, aiming to provide the right information and help to the Nepal Traveler.

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